What I Wore Wednesday

I was so glad to see a hint of blue skies yesterday :) It seems like forever since it was warm and sunny here. It's been a quiet few days... girlies have been doing there 'school work' and I've been doing some serious organising around the house! My work spaces had gotten into a state, so now everything has a home, all my fabric is folded, and it's given me the urge to get crafting :)

Today though, I am trying to do our finances. I am useless at budgetting, and keeping it all in order :( Not fun!

These were snapped yesterday down our woods
Dress - upcycled by moi (i made it a couple of years ago, haven't worn it for ages - so it's kinda like having something new ;) )
leggings - prinmark
shoes - Dorothy Perkins


hope you're having a fab wednesday!

loves, Polly x

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