Life is too short....


I've made some great friends since I started blogging, but occasionally a not so good one slips through the net. It's hard when you can't actually meet someone in real life to judge if the image they are giving off is 100% true or not. And I've had my fingers burnt... but life is too short to sit and regret what has been. I am true to myself, and always true on this blog, what others chose to do is not something that I can control. I follow my heart 100% and if that means stepping on someone toes - well, I will not apologise for that. I do my thing... and I can't help if others don't like that.

The quote above is perfect - I am not going to sit and dwell on those who don't treat me right - they are not worth it. Instead I'm thinking of all you beautiful people who read this, who leave me sweet comments and emails and make me feel so loved :) You rock!

I'm busy this week getting ready to go away on Friday. I'm heading down to Kent to stay at my sisters. It's my mum's birthday, so we're having a bit of a get together. Plus - I'm taking a day trip down to Brighton to meet the beautiful Beth from Deer Little Fawn - I am so excited :D

Hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday - I know I am!

loves, Polly x


  1. aww! i feel the exact same way!! hope you're doing well, lady!! <3

    love, polly :D

  2. That's a great quote!  And so true!

  3. Such a true quote! and a very well written post. I hope you have a great time visiting your family :)

  4. Love this quote and unfortunately, mean people do exist in the bloggy world we live in. I'm sorry that you encountered someone who wasn't nice or truthful! You're a sweetheart and deserve to be treated as such!

  5. A lovely post which rings many bells with me at the moment.  Living true defo means being brave and grabbing those chances. 

    Have a great time in Kent and Brighton. xxx

  6. tripped on a few idiots in my time but i  get back up and carry on xxx


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