Guest Post: Nadine-Adele

Hello everyone :) My name is Nadine and I am really happy to be doing a guest blog for Polly while she’s away! This is my first guest blog and with summer here and so much inspiration flowing, I wanted to share with you some of my tips that I follow to help my creative state of mind.


1. MAKE LISTS. I always make lists and review them later when I am ready to start creating. Also they are good for organisation and great for blog ideas and posts. I keep lots of notebooks so I can write down ideas for different things and so they don’t get messed up. I’m really obsessive with lists!

 2. TAKE BREAKS. It’s hard to be creative 24/7! You should never force creativity even if you really feel like creating something marvellous! If I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, I usually take a break by going for a walk, hanging out with friends or just browsing your amazing blogs!

 3. BE OPEN. Try new things, experiment – throw a bit of paint on that textile piece, glue, melt, twist, cut, arrange, freeze and if it doesn’t look right, then it doesn’t work. It’s fine! Least you tried and you know what works and what doesn’t.

4. GET FEEDBACK. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve. Ask friends, family, blog followers or work colleagues to look at your work/prints/doodles/drawings/crafty things and ask for their opinion. Also, Deviantart is a great website to post an online portfolio and get opinions by people who are also in the same creative field. Don’t get disheartened though when people don’t see your work how you see it. You should evaluate everything that’s been said and move on as a stronger crafter/artist.

5. DON’T GIVE UP. Everyone has a talent and you should never give up on your dream or ambition. Work hard and the benefits will flow and you will see success! I know these tips are quite vague but they have helped me in times of need – especially at university and when I have lots of deadlines on the go! I hope you enjoyed my post [short as it was] and make sure you stop by my blog to let me know what you thought :)

Have a great day!


  1. Good advice, Polly - especially the part about never giving up!

  2. Number 1. Lists!
    This one really speaks to me! I have notebooks of lists that I then put into excel spreadsheets to organize my ideas... compulsive? Nah...

  3. Uh oh! I just tried to click on the links to Nadine's blog and they don't seem to work! I just got an error 404 message...


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