What I Wore Wednesday



Dress - New Look
Jeans - Thrifted
Cardigan - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted
Necklace - This Enchanted Pixie

Yesterday was a quiet day, catching up on some jobs around the house, getting some things ready for going away on Friday, and doing a little sewing. I love these old jeans - they are so comfy :) And the pretty little scarf on my head disguises my 'in need of washing' hair lol

More of the same today, though I have a friend and her little girl visiting this afternoon which will be fun :) I'm hoping to get some more time to sew too - I can't wait to show you my new lines for the shop, and my new vision for my buisness..but it'll have to wait until I get home!

Oh... and while I was busy sewing yesterday, the girls decided to dress up too - here's what they looked like ;)

loves, Polly x


  1. Love it!  Your hair is gorgeous... I've always wanted to try  a fun, bright color!   

  2. THOSE SHOES?!?!? I am so jealous. I want some like it =)

  3. they were the best thrift shop find ever :)

  4. *blushes* nope - but you just made my day!

  5. Those shoes are ace.

  6. I love your hair/headband! And pretty belt :)


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