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Time to meet my sponsors for July :) Click on the buttons to head on over to their blogs!

Hi, bakes-a-lot-lady here, I'm really happy to be sponsoring Pixie Mama this month.
Visit my blog for recipes for cakes, cookies, muffins, biscuits, puddings and more! My baking is all about variations, and I give ideas for gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free baking. I'm always looking for new ideas so get in touch if you have a recipe you want me to make or any ideas. My current blog 'challenge' is 'Baking the Alphabet' where I bake a brand new recipe every week, working my way through the alphabet, feel free to send over any suggestions!

I'm Allison Kaye of Crafted Love. I'm a full time design student in my last year of college who is also planning her wedding for next August. When I'm not doing design work or wedding planning you can find me blog hopping for hours on end, drawing, going on random road trips, making fun crafts and projects, or just lounging around watching countless movies. I'm a lover of anything creative and handmade and always looking for a new blog pal so don't be afraid to say Hi!

Hi, there! I’m Tricia and I blog at mama marchand’s musings. You can also find me tweeting (a lot) @mamamarchand. I’m a part-time working mama who is head over heels for the hubs and loves being a new(ish) mama to our daughter, little N. I started my blog three years ago, before I really knew what blogging really was. I just knew I wanted to write! It picked up speed in 2009 when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, as a way to keep long distance friends & family updated on our life. Now? It’s a huge passion of mine and gives me my own space to muse about marriage, mamahood & lessons I’m learning in this crazy life. I love all things handmade, cupcakes, organizing (it’s an addiction, really), coffee (a necessity), shopping for deals, and blogging (of course). I’m planning to open my own etsy shop in a few months and am so excited!


I'm Leilani, a 28-year-old mother to two beautiful girls born exactly one year apart, to the day. I started blogging on Soleil Selene nearly a year ago. In fact, my one year blogiversary is coming up on August 27th. Its crazy how times flies! My blog is a mixture of all things me, from my personal struggles to stories about the girls, fabulous finds, product reviews and an occasional giveaway. My etsy shop came about after I became obsessed with rolled rosettes and yarn wreaths. After making wreaths for the house and accessories for me and the girls, I continued making more and more. Then, I finally decided to just open up shop and sell them so that others could enjoy! 

Craftzilla_blogbutton _125x125

I'm Gillian, a 20-something crafter from Canada, and lover of all things crafty, reused and beautiful! I live in Ontario with my boyfriend and cute cocker spaniel-poodle mix pup Jesse. I'm always getting flak from my friends for basically doing most crafts in existence (sewing, knitting, jewellry making etc) and the name of my shop comes an image of myself as "Craftzilla" stomping all over the world and demanding love for my crafty handmade stuffs. I'm an IT professional by day, Brownie leader in my spare time, and stomp all over as Craftzilla in my new studio by night.

Craftzilla Conquers the world is a blog where I share fun tutorials, thrifted finds, recipes, snippets and photos from my life (I won't lie, there may be a lot of cute dog photos) as well as sneak peeks from my brand new Etsy shop, Craftzilla Conquers. My shop is currently in it's early stages at the moment with largely hand-sewn housewares, jewelry and baby items on it's shelves, but I'm currently developing some new products with a spinning/knitting focus that will be available soon, as well as finishing up some unique purses and bags! I try to reuse materials whenever possible (which is helpful for me that my mom is an avid quilter with lots of extra squares!)

 Hi all! My name is Giulia and I am Italian but I live in London! I have started blogging a few months ago and I am now totally in love with it! I blog about everything that gives me big emotions from my everyday little adventures to my passions: music, art and cooking! I have also just opened an etsy shop where I can escape from my 9-5 office job and let my creativity running free. Feel free to check my shop


Margot is a 25 year old, outdoor educator, want-to-be Newfoundlander, country living girl who spends her days baking, crafting and gardening. You can read about all of these things on her blog Newfoundlander at Heart. She recently opened an etsy shop, and is working hard to fill it with Newfoundland and Nature inspired wares. You can find all kinds of things from sewn art, to photos, and hooked rugs.
My name is Kami and I'm a tattooed and crafty mommy blogger, my baby girl Claire Isobella was just born on May 17th! In my spare time (what little I have with a newborn!) I can be seen running around my house in dress up clothes, sometimes glue gunning my fingers together, and often hunched over my sewing machine madly creating new stuffies. I live to create, love to thrift, and hope to start my own home based business one day....stop by the blog and follow along on my adventures in parenthood, mothering, crafting, and gardening!

I’m your average 30-something that entered a new phase in life kicking & screaming. I seriously don’t think I dreaded anything else in life more than turning the big 3-0! I guess it was the realization that I had entered adulthood, with no turning back. I’m not sure if the responsibility was what scared me, or the fact that I wasn’t anywhere near where I thought I’d be when I became old. I figured I would be working in the most awesome job ever, but I’m still doing the zombie job thing…but someday that will change! I’ve finally decided to quit sitting on my rear and start taking baby steps to purse my dream & one day open my very own Etsy shop. Since I’m a little too much of a scaredy cat when it comes to big risks, this blog is the first “baby step” to pursuing my dreams! embrace the apockylypse is a mix of personal blog meets crafty girl. You can find personal challenges, crafty adventures, & everything in between.

I'm Annie. I'm the gal behind wattlebirdblog.com and wattlebird.etsy.com. My blog is where I talk crafts, fashion, design, vintage, and other good stuff. My shop is where I knit silly hats and accessories for kids and fun lovin' adults. I also offer blog design services at reasonable prices. I really enjoy being creative in any way possible, and I'm a huge nerd.

Discount Code: 20% off purchase at wattlebird.etsy.com with code: PIXIE


Hi! I’m Jello! I’m awkward, weird, sometimes crazy and all over the place. I hate capitals but love google and absolutely couldn’t live without spell check. I love wine, colours, bow ties, butterflies, staches and I’m a total sucker for buttons. I own an etsy shop which has a lil’ bit of all that in it. I’m constantly looking for Amazing people to share. My blog’s is about everything from yummy-husband-approved recipes to funny tales happening in my life. A life I share with my husband Pudding, our 2 cats, Cloud and Timothy, and our cute lil’ cacatoes, Kiki. we like to think that we’re one big happy family.
My name is Liliana, best knowned as Lili or as I like to write it : LeeLee.
I graduated as a Fashion Designer at the Miami International University of Art and Design. I've been living in Miami for almost 4 years. I am from Cartagena, Colombia. A tropical Paradise, too bad I hate tropical weather and I hate the beach and the sun. Maybe that's because I've never lived in a cold place before,well just once, just 2 years of my life, when I used to live in Bogota, Colombia during my first years of fashion studies.

I'm Zoe a lover of things vintage & natural also a mummy and wife. I have two little Etsy shops and a blog. Head on over for a peek.

loves, Polly x

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