Dear Me: a letter to my teenage self

I'm linking up with Erika of Rouge and Whimsy for this letter to my teenage self

Dear Me

It sure feels like things cant' get any worse. Well, unfortunately then can and will. But you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You will overcome all the shit that life throws your way. But three pieces of advice to make that ride a little easier:

One:  You'd be better off alone. He isn't the only one who will ever be interested in you... and even if he were, he's just not worth all the pain and tears. Get out, the sooner the better. You will never sort your life out while you are still with him.

Two: You are perfect just the way you are. You don't need to diet yourself away. You don't need to change to make others like you. One day you will find true friends who love you for being the crazy, boho lady you are.

Three: There is a place for you on this earth. I know you don't think there is. I know you long to leave this place, but hang on in there. One day you will look back and be incredibly grateful that you survived to tell the tale :)

stop stressing... stop crying.... stop wishing yourself away.

loves, Polly x


  1. awww chick...you made me cry...hindsight is a great thing ay? i hated being a teenager...always so unsure of myself and worried far too much what others thought of me....but there does come a point where you become accepting of yourself.....im in awe of you...and think you are an amazing mummy....and one hell of a cool chick.xx <3

  2. so lovely! I should do that. I will add it to my list of future/potential posts. Thanks for the reminder of how great we are!

  3. thanks so much for doing this! I loved it :D

  4. Number 2 so much. When I married Scott my wedding vows were "Thank you for making me feel good enough just the way I am"  Only took almost 30 years to figure out that if you can't be yourself with someone than there's something wrong :P


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