saturday sun >>>>>

so happy to wake up to some sunshine this morning, it's been much missed all week. there has been SO much rain here. it's pretty chilly out but the sunshine makes up for that! the big kiddos and their dad have gone off on a brownie trip for the day, so it's just baya and i. it's not often i get time with just my littlest so we're making the most of it. we going on a cinema date this morning and treating ourselves to some yummy ice-cream ;)

i was lucky enough to win a giveawy on moon to moon a couple weeks back, and my prize arrived this week - this amazing pouffe from beyond marrakech

it's even more gorgeous in real life - so thrilled to have won! definetly my favourite thing i've ever won

what do you have planned for the weekend??

p.s there is still time to enter my giveaway HERE

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pampering night >>>>>

it's been a wet and cold week here {again} yesterday the kiddos and i treated ourselves to a pampering evening to cheer us up. we got sent this wild science facemask kit from interplay to test out, and it seemed like a good time to use it.

we dug out our orbeez foot spa, put on mirror,mirror to watch and got to work. the girls have been asking to try out some facemasks for a while, so they were double excited that they actually got to make them too! the kit was simple to use, and the ingredients seemed to be of good quality.

the kit consisted of a gel base, powdered kaolin clay, nutrient oil, colours, and jasmine fragrance. mix it all up and voila.... 

everyone's favourite thing seemed to be painting mama's face!!!

i have to say, my skin felt pretty fantastic after - i might be using this myself when the girls are in bed ;)

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stuck in a rut?? >>>>>

sometimes we get stuck. creatively. things just stop working. the ideas stop coming. we burn out. here are my six top tips for when i am stuck in a rut. what is your favourite way to get the creative juices flowing?

1. Get outside
If I'm feeling really stuck, the first thing I do is switch the computer off and get out of the house - either into the garden or even better for a nice long walk in the countryside. It never fails to get my creative juices flowing.

2. Try something new.

If you normally paint, then get out the writing pad, if you normally knit then try baking... switch it up and step outside of your comfort zone.

3. Always have a pen and paper on you.

I carry a notebook everywhere and make lists almost obsesivley! Jot down ideas as they come to you, sketch things that catch your eye while out and about, stick in that leaf whose colour you love....

4. Turn the music up and dance..

5.  Write 'morning pages'

6. Answer these questions:

ask yourself:
what did i do as a child?
what or who made me happy?
what did i fill my days with?
what did i really not like?
what are my favourite memories?
what things and activities did i love?

What are your favourite ways to get the creative juices running again?

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lavender oil diy >>>>>

i love lavender. it's one of my favourite herbs, and we're lucky enough to have lots growing in our garden. one of my favourite things to use the lavender for is to make my own lavender oil. perfect as a bath oil or for massage, it's easy to make and smells divine.

you'll need:

2-4 cups lavender flowers {fresh is best, but dried works well too}
glass jar with tight fitting lid
carrier oil {i use sweet almond oil}
muslin/cheescloth for straining
dark blue or amber bottle for storing the finished oil

first, fill your jar with the lavender flowers. you want it to be full, but not packed tight. then pour over the carrier oil so all the flowers are covered. put the lid on securely, and give it a little shake. you need to leave it for around 6 weeks, shaking it once or twice a week.

after 6 weeks, strain the oil through the muslin, squishing the flowers to press out all of the oil. pour your finished oil into the storage bottles, add a pretty label and enjoy :) this makes a perfect pressie too!

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reader appreciation giveaway >>>>> {CLOSED}

when i started this blog two and a half years ago i never imagined it would grow to where it is today, or so many of you lovely folk would be interested in reading what i have to say! i've made some amazing friends through this blog, so it's time to say a little 'thankyou' to each and every one of you - and offer up a giveaway from my shop!

here's what you can win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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music monday >>>>>

we've been listening to this album - laura veirs - tumblebee constantly the past few days... the kiddos and i are in love with it


p.s just realised this is my 1000th post!!! cuh-razy :D

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poppy cat and friends >>>>>

poppy cat books have been a favourite read of all three of my girls as toddlers//preschoolers. so miss baya was excited to receive these poppy cat figures  and talking plush in the post the other day.  she had a great afternoon acting out the stories with her new friends {and introducing them to themselves in the book ha!} the little plush has been given pride of place in her bed :)

interesting fact.... the little dog is called zuzu which we almost called dd2 before changing our minds and naming her kiki!

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mabon blessings >>>>>

happy autumnal equinox! today it's officially my favourite season. i love the cool, crisp mornings that autumn brings, along with the changing colours all around us. i feel the energy changing around us, and know that it's time to start preparing for winter. we'll be putting the finishing touches to our autumn season table today and preparing for a fire with friends this evening. i can feel the earth pulling me back, reminding what is important. i've been doing a little soul searching this week, i've been utterly exhausted all week long, and have given myself some time to sit back and reflect on my path. where i'm going and what is important. for more autumnal equinox inspiration head over the mama earth project.

i am not a wonder woman. my kiddos always come first. sometimes i try to do to much, spread myself too thin and end up frustrated and exhausted. while jewelry making is my passion, right now i know that i need to step back a little. take the pressure of myself to work at it full time, whilst my girls are so young at least. the shop will stay open - and i'll keep making. but making for love not because i feel i have to.

on that note - you can enter 'autumnlove' at checkout to receive 25% off your entire purchase! i really appreciate all your support! also - i still have a couple of ad spots left for october, i'd love to have you on board.

mabon blessings on you all 

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happy birthday my love >>>>>

happy birthday g!! i hope that you have a great day [even though you have to work] looking forward to our birthday/equinox celebrations tomorrow

we love you very much


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ethical fashion >>>>>

here are some of my current eco fashion 'lusts'

i'm in love with that bird dress..... you can find links to great ethical fashion sites as well as ethical fashion tips on ecover's ethcial fashion news.

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follow your heart >>>>>

while today i'm living the life that i always dreamed of, up until a few years ago I was still trying to please others and do 'what i should' not what i wanted. i suffered from bout after bout of depression, until i finally realised the mistake that i was making.

i'd spent my life trying to fit in, to be what i thought i should be, and often something different for each perosn i knew. that was a surefire recipe for disaster.

we only have one life, one chance to live our dreams and make ourselves happy. when a good friend told me to stop and think, hard, about what I wanted from this life, and to follow my dreams no matter how impossible they seem. i took her advice and realised what it was that made me happy - i started blogging, started putting myself out there, i set up an etsy shop, and {tried} to stop worrying what others thought about me. 

after a few months, i no longer had to try -  following my heart and being proud to be myself started to come naturally. today my life is a far cry from what it once was. i'll admit there are the odd times i doubt myself, but i can look back on all i have achieved in the past couple of years and just how far i have come.

three steps to get you started:

one sit down and write down all the things you'd like to do, how you'd like your life to be and how you want to spend your days

two make an action plan of how you're going to get from where you are now to where you want to be {remember - babysteps}

three believe in yourself - this is the most important - you have to truly believe that you can do it, otherwise anything you attempt will only be half-hearted

and don't forget:

sponsor in october >>>>>

can you believe october is almost upon us??? i have some sponsor spots opening up - including the xl feature ad!! i'd love to have you as part of this enchanted pixie next month. if you purchase before the 21st and enter 'earlybird' at checkout you get 50% off! {you can use this to reserve the xl for later in the year too if you wish! just leave me a note} see my sponsor page for more info and to purchase!

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day to day >>>>>

our week days pass by quickly, filled with kiddos 'school work' and afternoons of crafting, followed by evenings taking various kiddos to various clubs! miss baya likes to join in with the big girls sometimes when they're working. she likes to practice her letters and ask me how to spell every word she can think of! when she's had enough of 'work' she brings a few toys to the table {she likes to sit with everyone else}

she's been playing with chloe's magical dress up closet lots this week - a cute little doll, with a 'magical closet' and three outfits. baya loves to dress her up, then put her in the closet, press the button and see it light up! chloe's been on lots of adventures this week - baya sits and tells us some pretty wonderful stories while she's playing and we're working! it's quite a sweet playset - i'm not generally a fan of plastic toys, but as she seems to have captured baya's imagination, she can stay ;)

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sponsor love >>>>>

once again, i have some fantastic sponsors this month! here are just a few to say hello to you!
That Mama Gretchen

I couldn't be more blessed to be the mama to my two little sweeties, Jemma and Max! I also have a pretty swell husband :) We're in the midst of building a house and I stay busy writing, cooking, thrifting, and trying to get dressed everyday!

gretchen just welcomed baby max!


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Of Woods and Words

Hey there "This Enchanted Pixie" readers! I'm Ada, the 20-something blogger over at "Of Woods and Words." I live in Minnesota's North woods with my partner-in-crime, Andy. I work as a freelance writer and museum director.

My blog is filled with reflections on life in the woods, garden updates, canning and baking adventures, and a lot of banter about the latest book I read or thing I knit. This summer, I opened my Etsy shop "Yes Sir, Yes Sir!" where I sell handknit accessories and housewares. Come on over and check out my neck of the woods!

be sure to check out this great post!

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Earth Willow Me Now

Artist, yogi, crafter & constantly Inspired.. Sabrina savours the mysticism of every moment by illustrating her surroundings on canvas and creating wearable art for the everyday urban pixie! All pieces are inspired by and from the earth using only fair-trade and recycled materials.

sabrina's gypsy body chains are beautiful

you can get free shipping in sabrina's etsy shop with coupon "EARTHWILLOW"

Whispering Sweet Nothings
This is the story of a flawed girl. She’s not known for being decisive. She’s honest and unafraid to speak her mind, sometimes to a fault. And she wishes she had more to offer this world. With 7 siblings, a knack for writing, and an unhealthy obsession with sunshine, she's quite the well-rounded gal you’ll learn. As a finance major, she doesn't get to express her creative side much, so this is an outlet to do just that. Join me in the trials and tribulations of this crazy little thing called life, won’t you?

i love shane's operation beautiful


shane is offering one lucky winner a medium ad space on her blog valued at $16!! to enter, use the form below :)

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floating along >>>>>

the kiddos came across a brochure the other day for canal boat holidays.... it reminded me of how much i always wanted to spend a week on one, sailing from place to place, seeing the sites and sleeping on the water. i grew up near a canal, and saw the narrowboats most days, it always seemed so cosy on board, i imagined it being a peaceful and relaxing way to spend a holiday {though with three kids on board too i'm not so sure!}

still, it got me thinking, the girls seemed keen on the idea of a narrow boat holiday so perhaps next summer that's what we'll do. have any of you ever been on one?
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soul medicine >>>>>

sweater is from fringe and feather - you can buy one here

yesterday was just what i/we needed. we dropped all responsibilities, packed up a picnic and went down to the river. we're lucky enough to live only a twenty minute walk from the countryside. i've mentioned many times on here that it's my happy place... the place i go to ground myself and to seek peace and solitude. we've all been adjusting to some changes these past couple weeks - the mr having gone back to college, the kiddos and i to a new routine now homeschool is back in after our summer break. a day with nature was exactly what we needed. we all came home feeling refreshed, and questions that had been floating around my mind found answers.

i added some pretty new river stones to my collection and we found a bird skull too! miss baya is in love with the horses {the grey one especially} so we stopped to spend a little time with them. today i have the urge to 'spring'{autumn?} clean my house... getting ready for the new season almost upon us.

one last thing - i'm excited to be a part of a brand new blog project started by elisabeth - the mama earth project - it just launched so please go and check it out.

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foodie post // creamy chocolate fudge >>>

no pretty things this week.... instead i have a  super easy to make and incredibly tasty.... i challenge you to eat only one piece [miss lola is usually the one who makes this in our house!} today we're heading off to the river, and for a long hike. it's been a whirlwind of a week and i really need some nature time. the river's my peaceful place and it's calling me! picnic is packed {as are the waterproofs!!} we're looking forward to some fresh air and peaceful vibes. sometimes the busy-ness of everyday just gets to much, all the rushing around and constant noise. today's the day to recharge my batteries!

All you need:

75g full-fat cream cheese
350g icing {powdered} sugar
1 tbsp cocoa powder
75g chocolate drops
40g butter
6in square cake tin

step one - beat together the cream cheese, icing sugar and cocoa.

step two - melt the butter and sugar then stir into the cheese mixture.

step three - spoon into the greased cake tin, place in the fridge for around 2 hours until the fudge is firm.

step four - cut the fudge into square {this recipe will make around 36 squares} and try not to eat it all at once ;)