the manifesto above is by new zealand poet and photographer leonie wise. i was excited to stumble across her website and especially this manifesto that she offers for free download.

i love that it's a manifesto for the june, a theme of guiding ideas for the month. i love manifesto's - love to print them out and stick them around the house for me to see throughtout the day and remind me of principles I want to follow.

it's also inspired me to have a go at creating a manifesto of my own... i'm excited at the thought of playing with typography, something i've not tried before. i'm in a place now where i'm no longer scared of my creativity... no longer bogged down by fear.. fear of not being good enough... of not doing it right.... fear of failure.

so thank you leonie for the nudge to try something new to me!

why don't you head over to her website and get the manifesto?