what do you choose?

it's a lesson that took me a long time to learn. as colette said,  "be happy. it's one way of being wise." some of us may be born smiling, others of us have to work at it. choose it. every. single. day.

caught in a spiral of depression, it's easy to lose sight of happiness. you get stuck in your mind and caught in your own issues. you feel bad, so you think bad thoughts, which in turn make you feel worse. the thought of choosing to be happy at such a time can seem cuh-razy! thoughts become feelings and choosing happy thoughts is an option. 

the media tells us that we need things to be happy, that we have to have this or that, or go here or there, else we couldn't possibly be happy. we need to look like this, or own the latest gadget to be content. but in truth that is all rubbish. start today, make a decision to be happy. to be grateful for all that you have. to appreciate every single moment. 

i've worked my way back up from rock bottom {more than once} and i make a conscious decision every day to choose happiness. there are times when it's harder than others but it is always an option. i choose to focus on the good in my life instead of the bad. to be grateful for all that i have instead of yearning for what i don't.

* make a list of wonderful things about your life. add to it every day.
* every morning when you wake up tell yourself you are happy
* give thanks for every day
* smile
* focus on the good things

it might be difficult to begin with.... but i promise you that it's worth it. have you chosen happiness??  

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saturday sun

the sun is shining and we're getting ready for a big bbq - i love having a garden full of friends. one of the best parts of summer, long afternoons catching up, some delicious barbecued food, evenings around the firepit with a few guitars. all this sun has made me feel great - i love sunny days when we can be outside the whole time :)

there's still time to enter to win this beautiful artwork from ashlie

i'm in love with these lampshades

love this post on setting your own rules on wake up, lovely

have you visited the moway yet?? if you haven't - go read this!

new {to me} blog - spell and the gypsy collective

love this inspiration list

what do you have planned for today? 

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pretty things

one // two // three // four // five

happy friday! i'm in love with the little dreamcatcher display in that last photo :) it's another sunny day here, my mum leaves later today so we're making the most of the last few hours with her. then tonight we're off to watch a band in the park and tomorrow we're having a bbq/pool party :D good times!!


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oh i do love to be beside the seaside

morning lovely people! we're blessed with another lovely sunny day here, my mum's still here visiting for a few days. we had a great day out at the seaside yesterday - nothing beats sea air and salt water for refreshing the soul. i'd love to live by the sea... maybe one day! today's for enjoying family, paddling pools and sitting in the sunshine!


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off to the seaside.....

off to the seaside today for my mum's birthday!! have a good day and don't forget to go shop while i'm out ;) i'll be back tomorrow x x

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look deep into nature...

Leah Flores
when everything gets on top of me, and i'm feeling overwhelmed... the best thing i can do is drop everything, pack picnic and head out into nature. away from the computer, and the noise, and the never ending to-do list. out where i can hear the birds singing and the river whooshing by. down to the river, where the kiddos can paddle and build dams, and we can eat under the shade of a tree. or up a mountain where i can see for miles.

without the distractions of daily life and the constant humming of the computer or my phone i can think. think through all the things that i'm not sure about and everything seems a little easier. i long to run away into the wilds of nature and stay there - far away from the modern world. 

we've just been kitting ourselves out ready to do some camping - my heart is excited at the thought of it!! any tips for taking kiddos camping??

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guestpost// survive creative rejection

Hi! My name is Ashlie Blake and I am a mixed media artist living in upstate NY. I find inspiration from family, garden, and woodland creatures from the area I live. Working out of my home studio I have the balance of being creative and also raising my children. Art is my life, I wouldn't know what to do without these two hands creating and painting and in my spare time crocheting. My work can be seen in the international art magazine Somerset Studio on the Expression pages of issues Jan/Feb, March/April, and July/August. You can find me and my artwork at my blog Paintingbliss, twitter, facebook, Instagram. Feel free to visit my store and make a piece of my art your very own!

Ashlie has been kind enough to offer up this beautiful mixed media art as a prize to one of you lucky readers!! Enter below :)

Frolicking Floral Feline"
Artwork measures 8 1/2 by 7. Mixed Media on Bristol board using vintage wallpaper, vintage french book pages, acrylic, micron pen, while gel pen, and watercolor.

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recipe for a friday night

take one park;
a little sun;
some friends;
& a band.....

we spent our friday evening in our local park, with friends listening to a band. it was first band we've made this year as it's been raining so much. the kiddos had a blast racing around on their scooters and we enjoyed the music and the company. it was a much needed fun evening.

on a different note, i'm on day two of no caffeine. my sleeping patterns have gotten worse lately, and i've had another bout of insomnia. while i don't drink a huge amount of coffee, i drink it pretty strong, and i drink a lot of tea.... yesterday morning i decided that i'd try cutting it out altogether and see if it makes a difference. yesterday was easy.... today i'm tired and have a slight headache. i'd kill for a coffee right about now! gotta rid it out for a week or two though.... need to find a alternative to wake me up in teh morning. any ideas?

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