new home >>>>

the new site is up!! i'm so excited to have a new home, so long to this little space, it has served me well

please come visit me

the domain should redirect you

but you can find me at



earth medicine >>>>

the past couple of days have been blissful.

the sun has shone.

the sky was blue.

we spent most of our time outside, tending to our garden.

after a long winter spent inside, it felt so good to get out.

to dig some vegetable beds over, plant this years onions & garlic.

begin the preparations for laying a lawn.

fingers deep in the earth, i felt so connected, so grounded, so thankful for this life.

nature truly is my religion.

it was just what my soul needed. i'm full and grounded again. ready to tackle the final parts of my new website. i'm hoping to launch either tomorrow or monday... fingers crossed there won't be any glitches and this domain should redirect you straight across. my rss feed should update itself, but if you don't already you can find me on facebook and twitter - follow me there for any updates incase you find this space down for any reason.

it's a little sad to leave this old blog behind... rest assured all content will move with me, and i'm so excited for this new step on my path 


pretty things >>>>

one //two // three //four // five

i'd love a hideaway like that in my garden! and those pans and that quilt?? NEED! i'm wishing we had space for a bigger veggie patch than we do.

it's friday folks! and it's sunny here! i'm a leetle tired... had a movie/art date with my eldest last night. we watched prince caspian, which is pretty long! we had a great evening though, i love date nights with my girls.

today's for sending out orders, running a few errands, getting out in the garden, i have some veg that's needing to be planted, and making preps for baby chicks! we're getting some next week - so excited ha!

and then.... an early night!

what do you have planned today?


rose red >>>>

back to red! i'd thought about going blonde, or even turquoise, but when it came down to it, red is my normal. so i dyed it back yesterday - feels so good! i feel like me again ;) i snapped a couple of photos this morning, quickly as it's snowing again! little miss baya is very happy, she always missed my red hair! the dye i used is rose red - a little pinker than i thought, but it's kinda cute, though i'll probably put a truer red on when i dye it next.

i'd hoped to get some gardening done this week, i have potatoes, onions and garlic waiting to be planted, and i need to clean the chooks out - so i wasn't that excited to wake up to snow this morning! it's not showing signs of stopping just yet.

the girls and i are meeting friends at the cinema this morning, off to watch hotel transylvannia. then it's home to spend the afternoon with papa who has a day off :) perhaps mama can sneak some jewelry making time in later on!