I'm still not feeling great and need to keep my mind occupied in an evening when it's quiet in the house. So I've been painting and writing... lots!


Things I've made

Here's the first two paintings I've done, not brilliant but the girls like them!!! At least they will brighten their room up a bit! You can't see in the photo but the sun is very glittery!

And a couple of birthday cards I made last night..


A day out to Liverpool (and a little bit of crafting!)

We went to the World Musuem yesterday. We haven't been for a few months and the girls had been asking to go back. So off we went! Enjoyed an hour looking around the dinousaurs and Ancient Egyptians again, and then after lunch we headed to the aquarium which we hadn't had chance to see last time. 

Baya really loved the fish, she was very excited!



We then had a walk in the rain to the shops as we wanted to go to Lush, got there only to find it was shut as they had no power :-( But we did spot a tiger on the way...

And they obviously weren't worn out from their day out as when we got home they made some birds..


Difficult times

I haven't blogged for a while, I'm having a difficult time at the minute, and haven't wanted to blog unhappy thoughts. Hopefully I'll be back to my usual self soon and blogging some happier things x x