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Hey there! I'm Kate from Wake Up, Lovely. I'm a writer, a blogger, a crafter and a woman on a mission; out to spread positivity and some serious self-loving. I blog about everything from my favourite books to pretty tattoos to my favourite tips & tricks to build a pretty life. Stop by and say hi sometime!

Hello Lovely Ladies! My name's J and I blog over at My Life in Lavender. I'm completely addicted to coffee, funky jewelry, and indie movies. My blog is a culmination of my daily life, photography, and fashion musings. It was started back in January, and it's been great getting to know more amazing people as it grows, come by and say "Hi!".

Hey. I'm Amber. I live in Alaska. I blog about life, my 3 babies, my husband, the cats, the dog...just life in general. My husband is in the Army so we are about to get sent to Georgia after spending 4 years in Alaska.


hey there, dolls! i'm yael. newlywed, dog-parent, and soon-to-be 25-year-old from ottawa, canada. i spend my days working in communications and marketing, and my evenings writing, dreaming and catching up on lost (yes, i am 8 years behind). zombies, tattoos and cooking are my favourite things, and more than anything i wish my life were a musical.

I'm Margot, a wanna-be Newfoundlander who spends her free time baking, gardening and crafting. I'm due to have my first babe the 16th of this month, but who knows when little Pip will actually arrive. Feel free to stop over and check in to see how things are with our growing family our coming along! :)


hi my name is jennifer, mother of 3 beautiful children, and married to a wonderful husband. visit me and my shop over at love me collection. no matter what you wear, be loved in comfy in it, you dont have to shop at expensive outlets to feel good, be you..... be LOVED :)

Hi Pixie readers! I'm Amanda from Dragonflight Dreams. I'm a graphic designer, screenprinter, puppy mama, honorary Texan, huge bookworm, subtle geek, aspiring cook, and wannabe seamstress. I love stories, dragons, sweet tea, pretty things, old movies, writing, my boyfriend and my puppy, shopping, cooking new things successfully, decorating our house bit by bit, and screenprinting. I blog about my ongoing screenprinting adventures, and anything else that catches my fancy (generally along the lines of outfit posts, recipes, fun things around Austin, etc.). Dragonflight (both the blog and the shop) is a work in progress, so check by often to see what's new!

i'm a stylish biker, surfer, avid thrifter and tattoo designer and city birds nest is where i show all the adventures i go on with my husband. i love to sew, am obsessed with flowers and vintage fabric. i run my own shop filled with fun original illustrations drawn by me!


Offbeat hippie life and motherhood with my two Goddess girls Eden and Ostara. We are a [super] young, vegan, environmentalist, homeschooling, gardening, minimalist family living in Seattle.

 Hi There Friends of Polly! I'm Shannon a Mother of 4 and a Military Wife, who makes Pretty Sassy Jewelry over at Sassy Lemonade. Whenever I have a chance you will find me working away.

Sassy Lemonade has been open for about 9 months. I feel very blessed for all the lovely people I have met along this journey. 

 My name is Alyssa, I'm 23 years old married to my sweet red-headed husband, Brand. I blog all about my life and let me tell you, I have quite a lot going on! Currently I'm going to school full-time earning my degree in Social Work at ASU, I work as an administrative assistant, I have a side job selling crochet baby blankets, an etsy, a blog and a social life that I am failing miserably at. I have lots of hobbies and find myself to be a pretty normal person. Some of my favorite hobbies are: watching The Office & Teen Mom (totally different shows but I can't resist either!), crocheting, rock-climbing (I'm a recent lover), couponing, being crafty, hanging out with the hubs, holding babies (not in a creepy way haha!) and being around people.

So, come on by my blog and check me out! I can be pretty entertaining at times, or maybe I just entertain myself!

 Hi I'm Suki and my blog The Owl Club is a little space to reflect upon the creative, crafty side of my life. I love collage, sewing, using recycled/vintage/salvaged materials, cooking and anything to do with owls! I have a little Etsy shop where I sell one-of-a-kind badges and upcycled sewn items.

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happiness is....

'happiness is...' - each week we'll meet two lovely ladies to find out what happiness is to them.... if you'd like to take part please drop me an email :)


What makes you happiest: 
I would definitely say a day off. Don't get me wrong, I love both of my jobs but there is nothing like waking up (sleeping in) and not having a care in the world for a whole 24 hour period. I love having a slow morning, making coffee, catching up on blogs, doing some errands and chores and maybe meeting up with some friends for a drink or two! I also cannot wait for the warmer weather, that makes me happy :)

Do you have a 'happy place': 
This makes me think of a therapist saying 'Go to your happy place...' haha, but um I guess I kind of do. It seems cliche but my house is my happy place. I love going out but I can also be a bit of a homebody. I love staying in, making a yummy dinner and getting my snug on with Mikey and our cat :)

Do you have a favourite happy song: 
I have a bunch...so I won't name them all, I'd say ever since I heard 'Electric Feel' by MGMT many moons ago, that has been my go-to happy song since. I instantly get a smile on my face and want to dance!

What gets you past a bad day: 
This is a good question and one that I recently kind of 'conquered'. I used to let one little thing ruin my entire day...but that is SO silly and downright stupid, really...especially because it was always something so minuscule. Anyways, making a mental (or physical) list of all the things I am happy/thankful for...that always cheers me up!


what makes you happiest? Weekends at home with no commitments. All of us (my husband, children and I) together doing our own things yet harmoniously interacting. 
do you have a ‘happy place’?
Home is my happy place. But when I need a mental happy place it's my grandparents home. I grew up there, it was always my safe place. I was always no matter what, happy there - discovering the world and my childhood. I miss it very much but it's always in my heart and in my minds eye so I can visit whenever I want. Having a photographic memory is sometimes a very lovely thing!

do you have a favourite happy song?
If I had to pick just one it would be "Home" by Depeche Mode... it is my husband and I's very first song
what gets you past a bad day?
Chocolate, a ball of yarn, and if I can get it... a nap :) I may be an mixed media artist but crochet is something that eases me like meditation would someone else. It's mindless and mindless work feels relaxing and comforting.

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send something good // reveal day

i meant to post this the other day, but seriously, i am so out of the loop after enjoying the sun of the past two weeks that i lost track of things! but here it is.

First up -  a HUGE thank you to gentrikaitlyn and kristy for organising this - you guys rock :)

the blogger i was sending to was brielle - i loved stalking her blog and figuring out what to put in her parcel... but the doofus i am, i forgot to snap lots of pics of what i sent her. doh!

the day the postman broght my parcel, i was so excited! mine came from the lovely loren. she sent me some amazing goodies that were tottally perfect!

a gorgeous owl hook, a beautiful journal, lavender rainbow soap, a couple of cute charms, a sweet little guy to keep my pins safe, and lots more bits! i loved the quotes on the envelope and tag.

so happy i was a part of this!! i loved getting to know brielle and loren - looking forward to the next round of send something good ;)

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dreaming big

i've spent the past ten days or so soaking up the sunshine, living life and dreaming. i've been away from the computer for the majority of each day, and that's given me lots of time to think. i've been trying to figure out what it is i want, where i want to go and how i'm going to get there. business wise i have a few ideas and i feel like it's time to refocus a little.

a couple months back i was throwing myself into my little shop and working my ass off. while i love designing and creating jewellery, i find the selling side hard. i want to sell, but i don't want to push it down peoples throats. also, i found that too much time focusing on that side of things created a cranky mama.

i want to spend my days with my kiddos... not focusing on figures. i've been trying to figure out a better way to make things work. happiness to me is not selling a zillion pieces of jewellery.... it's not being uber rich{though a little extra moolah wouldn't be unappreciated!}. happiness is living this life of mine, spending my days crafting and learning along side my girls. taking them on adventures, creating, making, LIVING, spending time with friends, and enjoying the ride.

i figure that i have all that i need. i get to spend my days doing what i love most, with the people i love the most. i get to create and design the jewellery i love. and that is key. I LOVE MY LIFE.

i've made some decisions on how i want my shop to be - it will always be a love of mine, but i don't want it to rule my life, at least while my kiddos are little. you can lend me a hand by helping me clear out some of the current stock - enter bloglover for 50% off everything here

thanks for reading my rambles :) i'm focusing on being happy and the rest will surely follow!

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all this sunshine has got me thinking about planning a summer holiday. the past few years we've been to centre parcs, but we fancy a change this year. our holidays are always uk based - we can't afford to go abroad, even if we'd like to. we've been looking at the possibilities of going camping. it's not something we've really done since we had the kiddos, but definetly something i'd like to try.

i was looking at woolacombe, my sister used to live in devon and it's such a beautiful place. i'd love to go camping in devon and take the girlies. 
i have to admit though, i've gotten used to my creature comforts as i've gotten older... hot baths, comfy beds and a {proper} roof over my head in case it's raining!!! and also as a car free family, we'd be travelling by train, and i don't know how easy it would be to cart all of our camping gear down on a train! so i was thinking of looking into holiday lodges in devon instead.... we get to appreciate the beauty of the area without having to rough it ha!!!

have any of you been camping with kiddos?? i'd love to hear your thoughts on the practicalities of it all!!

diy // old tin to business card holder

i've been meaning to make something to keep some business cards safe in {instead of just having a handful running wild in the depths of my handbag!!} sitting at my desk one day... trying to concentrate on some work, my eyes fell on the collection of tins i've been hoarding - and i realised the altoids tin was exactly the right size for my business cards to fit in. so a little washi tape later, and a pretty stamp for the top and voila! my business cards have a  home and i no longer have to fumble around, muttering expletives quietly to myself when trying to find one to hand out ;)

i stamped the owl on a piece of card, then covered it in clear book covering before gluing it in place {i had a little helper for this stage - hence the air bubbles in the book covering ;) }

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giveaway // spontaneous reality

this month's featured sponsor, spontaneous reality are offering today's giveaway. nicole is offering for one super lucky winner this stunning crimson summer goddess beaded headpiece

Crimson Summer Goddess Beaded Headpiece

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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saturday sun

hope you're all having as good a weekend as we are :) we've been soaking up every drop of this sunshine all week long. i've managed to clear a huge 3 square metre section at the top of our woods ready for getting chickens, and we have a pile of pallets ready to build a house for them!! i've also repotted some of my herb plants today too... now we're off to eat a picnic dinner in the garden, then tomorrow we're having a big bbq here :) happy weekend!

pretty lavender

pallets waiting to be turned into a chicken house!

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down by the river

yesterday was a much needed break from the daily grind. some time out from work of any kind. fresh country air, lots of walking, lots of laughter and fun with my family. we climbed up to castell dinas bran, we had a picnic and then walked back down and sat by the river cooling our feet off. i came home feeling refreshed and full of ideas!! 

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