a pixie giveaway: set of vintage scarfs!

I have a great giveaway for you today from oen of my lovely sponsors. Teena blogs over at Little Bird and she also has an etsy shop  full of fabulous vintage finds - I especially like the owl planter!

Teena is kindly offering up a set of five vintage scarfs for one lucky winner! Perfect start to a collection maybe?! I collect scarfs - they're perfect to hide messy hair, add a little flair to your outfit or to decorate your house. You can enter below!

what i wore - doily diy

eeep! i found this half post hiding in my drafts!! a few weeks back i added some cute doily pockets to an old cardigan, and thought it'd be fun to share. it's a great idea for jazzing up an old cardigan. i just hand sewed the doilies on and voila! done :) i've had a tonne of compliments - fighting the urge now to do it to every cardigan i own ha!



it's going to be a noisy last day of february here - it's Miss Kiki's half birthday. i don't know when we started celebrating half birthdays - mainly it's just a good excuse to bake a cake!!

it's kinda our weekend today & tomorrow as G has his two days off. lola and her dad are off to the cinema later to watch star wars 3d - i think the other two and i will do some crafting while they are out!

can you believe it's march tomorrow?!

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ten years

ten years ago today this man walked into my life, on the day i very nearly left this world. he was there at the worst, when no one else was. he gave me a reason to live when i had none. he made me smile. he made me laugh. he made me live.

ten years on and we've had good times and some bad. but we're still here, together, with three beautiful kiddos and a fantastic life to show for it.

he's my world and i would be lost without him

thankyou for loving me ♥♥♥♥


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photo an hour


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saturday sun

it's been a sunny & fun saturday. kiki went to her friends house for the day, and lola had a friend round to play. the house has been full of giggles and glitter all day ♥♥♥ the sun has been shining, my laundry is drying outside, miss baya and i have been bouncing on the trampoline and watching the clouds float by.

i've spent the past hour moving things around so that miss lola can have the playroom as her bedroom, instead of a bedroom/playroom. she's getting bigger and in need of some space to call her own. we're almost sorted, all that's left to do is move the play kitchen upstairs and her wardrobe down to her room, but that will have to wait till the mr is home to help.

i've some good tunes blasting out to sing along to while we work, dinner is cooking and all is good :) today has been one of those days that fill your heart and soul and just make you feel good!

i'm looking forward to some crafty time in front of a movie this evening while i wait for my mr to get home from work.

what are your plans for the weekend??

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what i wore: mustard & checks

it was a wet & blustery day so you get these from the comfort of my bedroom ;) seriously - i'd have probably blown away if i'd of gone outside! i haven't worn this dress for a while - and i'd kinda forgotten how short it was until i saw these, maybe i should wear it over jeans?!

still, i picked up the legwarmers in the sale at h&m - i love mustard accessories so much right now. and the boots were a thrifty find yesterday - and a bargain at only £2.

p.s please excuse the big under eye bags - the kiddos kept me up most of the night before :/


dress - florenece & fred
vest - new look
tights & legwarmers - h&m
boots - thrifted
button ring - this enchanted pixie

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