30 Days of Lists

30 Days of Lists - September edition starts tomorrow. I've took part in the first round back in March - and am excited to be a sponsor this time around!

Starting tomorrow - a new prompt will go up each day on the private blog. It is not too late to register for 30 Days of Lists. There are already some great tutorials up to check out too!


Yesterday's celebrations

here's a few peaks at Miss Kiki's 5th birthday yesterday. She was so excited - she spent most of the day bouncing up and down :)

We watched Rango at the cinema, had a fun game of bowling and then stuffed ourselves silly at Nando's! We came home and spent the evening colouring, playing games and, of course, having birthday cake!!!




Birthday time

Miss Kiki turns 5 today! Five mintues ago she was the sweet little baby below! She has been so excited waiting for her birthday to arrive... and turning 5 means she gets to start Rainbows this September - something she has been waiting to do since Lola went 3 years ago :)

We're off to the cinema this morning, then for a game of bowling and finishing the celebrations off with a meal at Nando's - should be a fun day!!


Saturday Sun

I'm tired and emotional right now.... in need of some TLC (from myself more than anyone)
I've been absent in parts lately... here but not really. Hopefully full service will be resumed shortly ;)

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Pretty Things

So...  I decided that I didn't want to keep on making random lists... it was fun at first, but towards the end of the 52 Lists it got to be hard work thinking up something, and I wasn't enjoying it all that much. SO - I decided that fridays' post would be more of a link love/inspiration/prettiness post :) Chock full of things that have stood out to me through the week... I hope you like it!








I'm loving these 30 tips for an extraordinary life
I can't wait to try out this moss graffiti



Sponsor Love - Meet Batzy

Meet the beautiful Victoria aka Batzy - this months feature ad :)