new home >>>>

the new site is up!! i'm so excited to have a new home, so long to this little space, it has served me well

please come visit me

the domain should redirect you

but you can find me at



earth medicine >>>>

the past couple of days have been blissful.

the sun has shone.

the sky was blue.

we spent most of our time outside, tending to our garden.

after a long winter spent inside, it felt so good to get out.

to dig some vegetable beds over, plant this years onions & garlic.

begin the preparations for laying a lawn.

fingers deep in the earth, i felt so connected, so grounded, so thankful for this life.

nature truly is my religion.

it was just what my soul needed. i'm full and grounded again. ready to tackle the final parts of my new website. i'm hoping to launch either tomorrow or monday... fingers crossed there won't be any glitches and this domain should redirect you straight across. my rss feed should update itself, but if you don't already you can find me on facebook and twitter - follow me there for any updates incase you find this space down for any reason.

it's a little sad to leave this old blog behind... rest assured all content will move with me, and i'm so excited for this new step on my path 


pretty things >>>>

one //two // three //four // five

i'd love a hideaway like that in my garden! and those pans and that quilt?? NEED! i'm wishing we had space for a bigger veggie patch than we do.

it's friday folks! and it's sunny here! i'm a leetle tired... had a movie/art date with my eldest last night. we watched prince caspian, which is pretty long! we had a great evening though, i love date nights with my girls.

today's for sending out orders, running a few errands, getting out in the garden, i have some veg that's needing to be planted, and making preps for baby chicks! we're getting some next week - so excited ha!

and then.... an early night!

what do you have planned today?


rose red >>>>

back to red! i'd thought about going blonde, or even turquoise, but when it came down to it, red is my normal. so i dyed it back yesterday - feels so good! i feel like me again ;) i snapped a couple of photos this morning, quickly as it's snowing again! little miss baya is very happy, she always missed my red hair! the dye i used is rose red - a little pinker than i thought, but it's kinda cute, though i'll probably put a truer red on when i dye it next.

i'd hoped to get some gardening done this week, i have potatoes, onions and garlic waiting to be planted, and i need to clean the chooks out - so i wasn't that excited to wake up to snow this morning! it's not showing signs of stopping just yet.

the girls and i are meeting friends at the cinema this morning, off to watch hotel transylvannia. then it's home to spend the afternoon with papa who has a day off :) perhaps mama can sneak some jewelry making time in later on!


wait no more >>>>

i love this quote, it's all to easy to not actually act on all of these things we want to do with our lives. to think we need to wait for x or y. in reality we could end up waiting all of our lives. the timing will never be perfect, sometimes you just have to go for what it is that you want.

i spent yesterday setting up my self-hosted wordpress site, the bulk of it is sorted, i just a few little bits here and there to sort out. it was a lot less complicated than i was expecting! this domain will be transferred over, so hopefully the move will go without a hitch.

the kiddos and i have been for a swim this morning, i think we'll fit in a little crafty fun this afternoon. i really need some jewelry making time, if only i could add a couple hours to my days! most of my 'spare' time has been devoted to writing my eCourse this past week. i have almost half of it put together now, i'm so excited for how it's shaping up!

what do you have planned today loves?


music for a monday >>>>

another wet day here, i'm catching up on all the orders that were placed over the weekend, getting a giant pile of parcels posted, doing a little housework, the kiddos are crafting away, we have a friend visiting this afternoon, i'm working on my own website {just bought hosting, so excited and totally confused ha!} and nursing a sore throat - a normal kinda day ;) what do you have planned for your monday?

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bits + pieces >>>>

so stoked for the weekend! i'm a tired mama. it's been a busy week here, lots of orders, working on my ecourse, lots of game playing, trips to the park, projects and crafts galore. it's raining {again} but i think we're gonna head out for a hike. i need me some fresh air and peace. time to get grounded.

tired looking mama, window shopping
blue eggs! {not from our chucks though!}

we've played a gazillion games of my first monopoly this week
and taken a few trips to the playpark

we got to cuddle baby chicks! {and tried to smuggle a few out in our pockets!}

the girls got a shoulder buddy to play with. aimed at 4-8 year olds, they are friends to lend a little confidence in any situation. they have a magnetic coin so they attach to your clothes or a bag. they're cute little creatures, baya had fun playing with him! there are some new characters out this year also.

pee.ess to celebrate my upcoming ecourse - i'm offering 30% off all my shop this weekend, use code 'happydays' at checkout! shop HERE

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wheel of the year- annual subscription >>>>

i blogged a little while back about the spring seasonal ecourse that's coming up, i thought that i'd let you know that you can now also get a annual subscription. This gives you an entire year of mama earth celebrations - including 52 weekly emails with celebration ideas, inspiration, rituals, journal prompts and children's actiivites, 8 wheel of the year e-books and a private online community. all for only $99! i'd highly recommened signing up! you can click on the images to find out more :)

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finding your om >>>>

i met jodi through the apothecary circle, when she offered to read my cards i jumped at the chance! she picked a card for each season for the coming year, as well as giving me an overall theme for the year. the messages that came through in the cards were so insightful, and have given me something to focus on :) jodi also runs 'a yogic journey through 2013 ~ finding your om', which i have to say, i'm drooling over. i'd love to join up, i just think i have too much on my plate already... we'll see!

a yogic journey through 2013 ~ finding your om is a multi-media online program dripping with videos, audios, instructional handouts, meal planners, printable recipes and a 2013 yoga journal that grows with you throughout the year! join now to connect with other women that are passionate about their creativity, health and living a holistic life. 

visit HERE for more information on how to register.

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what mama wore // ginger >>>>

\\ outfit details //
cardigan - falmer
dress - joe browns
leggings - primark
socks - primark
boots - ???

i took advantage of today's sunny skies to shoot a few pictures... don't be fooled though - it was super windy and cold outside ha! still... better than yesterday's rain. I bleached my hair yesterday. The colour remover got all the black out last time, this lot of bleach has taken it down to a kinda ginger/red/brown colour. i'm quite liking it! i'm working my way down {slowly} to blonde. trying to be patient and enjoy the colours i get in the process!

today's a pretty chilled day. we've been to the play park and done the grocery shopping. lunch is next, then the kiddos have some birthday cards to make. i've been working on my eCourse all week - more details will follow soon ;)

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rainy days + a winner >>>>

we woke up to snow, then the sun shone, and now it's raining.... strange weather today! we're spending the day crafting and playing games. it's fuh-reezing out there!

just dropping in to announce the winner of the intuitive heart sanctuary giveaway:

Rose Wood

congrats rose! check your email :)

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fasting >>>>

good morning loves! i hope that you all had a fantastic weekend. ours was fairly low key. our imbolc celebrations on saturday night turned out to be fantastic, a couple of friends and their baby came, we sat around the fire until 11pm, i carried out my rituals, and we all had a perfect relaxing, fun evening.

sunday we took a stroll to the park, the kiddos burnt off some energy, papa and i soaked up a little sun and enjoyed a coffee. we came home, ate leftover indian takeaway and watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs. a lovely, lazy sunday 

today marks the beginning of my ten day fast. i'm undertaking this as part of my apothecary circle, it's been many years since i've fasted. i'm sticking to juices, smoothies and broth for the next ten days. i don't expect it to be easy, especially as i still have four people to feed during that time! still, i hope to get a lot out of this experience. the time feels right for this.

also, i'm blessed to be a part of the daughters of the earth - holistic offering. {seriously, laura em is one of my favourite people in the world} something that has been in the back of my mind for so many years is to write a ebook/ecourse. i've overcome battles with depression, self-hatred and eating disorders to get to this blessed place in my life. throughout it all, i always vowed that one day i would help others who are going through what i went through. this group gave me the push that i needed. yesterday i spent a little while mapping out an ecourse. i have a rough outline of the entire content, and have started work on putting it all together. i am so excited to finally be starting on this project! right now, i'm feeling so truly blessed, so grateful for all the opportunities that are coming my way and so excited to see this year unfold.

pee.ess - i'm finally caught up on custom mantra bracelet orders! if you haven't ordered yours yet, now is the time! - get one here AND there are still a few hours left to win a copy of the intuitive heart sanctuary ebook

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bee.YOU.tiful >>>

Bride of the earth, 
sister of the faeries,
daughter of the Tuatha de Danaan, 
keeper of the eternal flame.
In autumn, the nights began to lengthen,
and the days grew shorter,
as the earth went to sleep.
Now, Brighid stokes her fire,
burning flames in the hearth,
bringing light back to us once more.
Winter is brief, but life is forever.
Brighid makes it so.

it's a beautiful sunny day here, a perfect day to celebrate imbolc - a celebration of the first signs of spring. we're planning on a fire tonight, wrapped up warm, it's the perfect celebration, and we love a garden full of friends clustered around a fire.

papa lucked out and had three days off this week! he's been working so hard, two days a week at college, three days a week on an apprenticeship and two days working as a waiter, supporting his family. it's tough on all of us, some days we barely see him, but we know that in the long run it will pay off. still, we all enjoyed having him home for a short while. we hopped on a train to nearby chester on thursday. sometimes it does wonders to get outta town, even for just a few hours. we stocked up in lush, and paperchase, took a walk to the river, and found a playpark we haven't seen before.

friday was spent doing the starts of a spring clean in the garden. clearing up the leaves and branches, raking the last bits of woodchip ready to {hopefully} lay a lawn! i love spending time outside, it left me excited for the return of warmer days so we can spend more time in the garden. already the days are getting longer, the sun is rising a little earlier and setting a little later. this time of year is so beautiful and fills us with hope for new life.

i'm feeling so blessed in life lately. since i started trusting, things are slotting into place. offerings and new opportunities are making themselves known. i'm excited for all that this year is bringing me.

time to get back to the housework :) the sun is shining through the open windows, i can smell the fresh air cleansing the house, we're having a little spring clean and declutter, getting ready for a fun evening with friends.

'imbolc' gets you 25% off at my SHOP  and all AD SPACES this weekend!!

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a day in photos >>>>

just a normal day.... a little work, a little fun, a few extra curricular groups, a new computer {yay!!!}, a little baking, baby cuddles and lots of madness!! love my life ♥♥♥

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diy // lotion bars >>>>

these are a given in my home there always have several hanging around. i use them for my hands, for my legs, the kiddos, and dry spots of skin. my husband swears by them to keep his hands from cracking when he's on the building site. they're simple to make, and fairly inexpensive.

you'll need:

one cup beeswax
one cup coconut oil
one cup sweet almond oil

melt all the indredients in a double boiler, stirring until they are combined. if you want to add some essential oils, now the time! then pour into your molds - i use silicone cake trays - this amount made 18 bars for me. leave for a couple hours to set, then pop them out.

essential oil suggestions - myrrh, sandalwood, lavender are good for dry, chapped skin

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intuitive heart sanctuary ebook // giveaway >>>

lauren is one of my favourite ladies in the blogosphere. she is an amazing inspirational lady, i was lucky enough to take part in her intuitive heart sanctuary when it used to be an ecourse last year. registration is now FREE for this {!!} so if you haven't already seen it, i highly recommend that you do so right now. it is an online space with an amazing community of like minded women.

lauren has recently released this ebook, designed to support your experience in the sanctuary, it retails for $44 or $37.50 if you are a IHS member.

The Intuitive Heart Guide offers:
  • In depth & thought-provoking essays bridging your mind, body and spirit connection
  • 15 Engaging Activities to help you explore your True Self within Community and Nature
  • 7 Photo Exercises that build self-awareness and reflect your inner soul-work journey
  • 8 complimentary Journal Work prompts with instructions and examples
  • Enchanting Images to inspire and uplift you as you move through the pages
  • Gentle reminders to keep you centered and aligned
  • Direct links to IHS- to view videos, listen to podcasts/music, and read more, etc.
  • Inspirational storytelling, quotes, and poetry
  • Ideas and resources to utilize beyond this eBook and IHS
  • Motivational “Real Talk” about current social and spiritual trends happening globally
  • and much more!

lauren is offering up one copy of her ebook to one lucky winner! you can enter below 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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shop update + free shipping

i've listed lots of new stock in the last couple weeks + this weekend only there is free shipping on everything!! no code needed :) {oh, and sale items are still buy one get one, put two in your cart and you'll only be charged for one!} go HERE to shop

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don't believe everything you think >>>

learn to edit your thoughts. focus on the positive ones. ignore the negative thoughts. it's easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking and believing those thoughts. they drain us of our energy and prevent us from being fully present in the moment.

i know how easy it is to believe all the bad things that our mind tells us. "you're not good enough" "you're too fat/ugly/stupid" "you'll never be able to do it" believing those thoughts brings depression, and a crushing feeling of hopelessness. i've been there. i've also managed to come out the other side. i taught myself to focus on the positive, to ignore that little 'voice' inside my head telling me that i wasn't good enough.

smile - seriously, just smile. it will instantly lift your mood and make you feel happier

focus on the positive - teach yourself to only think positive thoughts.

surround yourself with positivity - find some quotes, or make your own, write them on post-it's and put them on your mirror, by your bed, in your purse, by the computer - any place that you'll see them throughout the day.

take action - all those things your mind tells you that you can't do? just do them. try one - and when you've done it, you can tell that negative thought where to get off

give thanks  - keep a gratitude journal, every night write down five things that made you happy that day. if you're feeling hopeless, read back through it and see how blessed you are

let go of perfection - no one is perfect, and it'd be pretty dull if we were. accept your mistakes and move on.

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slow roasted tomatoes >>>>

i love slow roasted tomatoes, in a wrap or a salad, or added to homemade soup for some depth. they're easy and inexpensive to make, i try and keep a jarful {or three} in at all times.

you'll need:
tomatoes, as many as you like!! halved or quarted depending on how big they are
sea salt
olive oil

halve or quarter your tomatoes, place them skin side down on a baking sheet. brush with a little olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. roast in teh oven at 140C, 275F, gas mark 1 for 3-5 hours, until they look sun-dried and all the moisture has gone.

allow to cool and store in an airtight jar in the fridge.

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bits + pieces >>>>

we're still covered in snow here, it started to melt a little yesterday, but we woke up to fresh snow and it's snowed on and off all day. the kiddos are loving it. we've built snowmen and done lots of sledging. also played a lot of board games and drank lots of hot cocoa to warm us up!

i don't know if it's the full moon approaching or the weather or something else entirely... there's a funny energy around my house right now. we're all a little cranky, all a little short tempered. this mama is tired and all i really want to do is lay around and read or knit. i could use a few hours of solitude, it's been a couple months of papa having to work seven day weeks and i think they are starting to take there toll on us all.

i've been busy making a lot more custom mantra bracelets and also listed some mantra necklaces in my shop. - the 'awake your soul' one above is my favourite ♥ code 'snowydays' is still good for 20% off your order - i'm leaving it up until the end of the week, so now is the time to order!

pee.ess - have you entered the enchanted mail giveaway yet?

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