Our Halloween in photos


we didn't do very much for Halloween this year. Normally we throw a party, but for various reasons not this year :( I'm fighting an ear infection, and didn't feel like dresing up! We decorated the house and our woods yesterday, and the girls got all dressed up! After the kiddos had gone to bed last night, the Mr and I hid some sweets and halloween party favours down the woods so they had a scavenger hunt this morning followed by pumpkin carving!

We met up with some friends this afternoon at a playbarn for a couple of hours. They've had a fun time - and that's all that counts ;) I'm ready for bed - this infection is taking it out of me.

Hope you've all had a fun Halloween weekend :)

Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween... I'll be back later with some photos of ours :)


Saturday Sun

My mum's been here visiting for the last few days, we hadn't seen her for 3 months, so it was nice to catch up! And she came laden with american goodies for us - lots and lots of peanut butter cups mainly!! They are Miss Baya's favourties and we'd run out so she was very excited to see her Gramsie ;)

The kiddos have kept her busy reading books and playing games. On Thursday we all went to an Arty Picnic at the local art gallery. They'd laid out a few different halloween themed crafts to do, the girls had a great time, making hats and ghosts and monsters.

Friday we took my Mum to our Home ed group, in between all the kiddos running around and climbing trees, we had  the paints out - I came home with a gigantic pile of pictures!

Today she has to go home :( We're off for a walk to the playground this morning, then home for homemade quiche for lunch before we take her to the train station.

And then I guess I best get caught up on laundry and housework ;) Tomorrow we're planning on decortiong the house and woods for halloween.

I listed a couple of new bags in my Etsy this week, more to come when I get 5 spare minutes.

What do you have planned for the weekend??


a little hello

I'm excited to be linking up with the October Followers Fest today :) And as I've had a few new followers lately **waves** I thought it'd be a good idea to a quick introduction!

You can, of course visit my about page! But if you'd rather read it all here, here goes :)

I'm a 30 year old mama to three beautfiul girls. I've been married to my love for just over 9 years now. Together we live ampongst the hills and valleys of North Wales. Close to the moutnains and the sea, we live in a quaint  200 year old cottage, below the bells of the church tower.

Our kiddos are homeschooled, which keeps me one busy mama! But I also love to paint and make things. From collages, to handmade jewellery and also bohemian clothing. I'm never happier than when I'm covered in paint, glue and glitter. I sell many of my creations in my Etsy Shop - This Enchanted Pixie.

I am blessed to live the life I do, I blog to remind myself of how lucky I am, to see me throught the dark moments and to remember this life and all that has gifted me!

If you're stopping by for the first time, pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and make yourself at home! And don't forget to say 'hi' and leave me a link so I can visit you too :)

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Plus if you stop by my facebook page and leave a comment HERE you could win $15 store credit to my etsy shop :)



halloween make-up inspiration

no 'pretty things' this week - isntead I thought I'd share a couple of posts of halloween ideas with you :) First up is make-up inspiration:

Source: google.com via Amber on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Megan on Pinterest

Kids Halloween Costumes

How cute are these?? My girls would love these!!! (who am I kidding... I'd totally wear all these costumes too!!!)

Source: None via Karen on Pinterest

Halloween Decor

i was searching for some inspiration for halloween decor last night. i got our box of halloween stuff down ready to decorate today, and thought it'd be fun to make some new bits too. I will certainly be making the stars!

Here are some of my favourites:

Love this - like a halloween dreamcatcher ;)

Might be a bit ambitious but it is amazing
Source: None via Glory on Pinterest

this wreath is fabulous

Super spooky ;)

love these stars


Guest Post: Halloween Recipes

Hey everyone! This is Gillian from Craftzilla Conquers the World, stopping by the lovely Polly’s blog to share with you some tasty Halloween recipes from around the web for those of you are either staying at home and having a party or just want some tasty (and spooky) things to nibble on!

Can’t go wrong with spooky cupcakes!

All of these treats are so fun and interesting looking! And likely tasty!

More spooky spiders in the form of cookies!

I don’t usually like monsters, but if they’re in the shape of brownies, I’ll definitely make an exception.

Such detail on these, right down to the little flowers in front of the tombstones!

These pretzels look amazing! I have a weakness for pretzels covered in anything, especially chocolate!

Such creepy and surprisingly edible eyeballs these are! Yikes!

I need some cute treats now, to recover!

Lastly, no Halloween is complete without candy apples of some kind!

Thanks for having me as a guest Polly, and I hope you all found some tasty treats you liked in this post! For more of this kind of thing as well as crafty projects and photos, stop on over to my blog! I’d also love if you paid me a visit in my shop, talked my ear off on Twitter or stopped by my Facebook page!



owls, birds and other things.....

here are a few paintings and collages that I've created recently :) can you tell i love owls???!

I'll be lisitng them in my etsy soon (and hopefully prints too!)

What I Wore: Off to the library

these were taken yesterday, just before we headed to the library to take Baya to the story time they run, and let the big two have an hour on the computers there (who'd have thought that library computers would be more interesting than the one at home??!)

it was mostly a house day yesterday, I bleached my hair and re-dyed it red (I normally just bleach my roots, cus I'm kinda lazy, but thought that it was time it all got done again as it's been a year or more!) I'm thrilled at how bright it came out!!! I also spent hours re-arranging furniture, we thrifted a new chest of drawers for the kiddos room, so I had to swap all the stuff from the old one, into the new bigger one (which we filled!!) and move the old one into my room, which also meant I had to move a chair downstairs.... halfway through my house looked like a bombsite and I wondered what on earth I was thinking! but, now it's all clean and tidy (I figured I should dust and hoover whilst i was at it!) and all that is left to do today is move my new dressing table into my bedroom. It was a thirfted bargain too - only £10 - I'll take a photo once it's in palce :)

anyways..... I didn't bother dressing up yesterday - wore my funky patched jeans which I love - they're ancient and soooo comfy, a pretty floral vest I picked up last week and a vintage poncho :) Making the most of this mildish weather before winter truly kicks in.

jeans - thrifted
vest -florence and fred
poncho - vintage
boots - thrifted
bracelets - primark
feather hair clip - new look



a confession...

I have a confession to make. And while I've hinted at it on and off a few times over the past few month, I feel that I need to be totally honest. The past few months have been incredibly difficult for me. I got hit wit ha serious bout of the blues. I have a long, long history of depression, it comes and it goes, and it's just one of those things.

One of the reasons I started this blog, way back in January 2010 was that I was once again in a very dark place, and thought that blogging might help me find a way out of it. And I was amazed at how therapeutic I found it. I fought hard, and clawed my way back to a brighter place.

Then this June/July, I started to notice that my mood was dipping low again. I tried to take extra special care of myself, eased off on some of the pressures that I had placed on myself - being a full time mum, homeschooling, blogging, crafting, running a house, an etsy shop.... my life was pretty crazy. I found myself hiding away, not talking to friends - IRL and online. I convinced myself that no-one would miss me if I wasn't online, if I didn't blog, etc. I fell deeper and deeper into that dark pit.

I mentioned here and there that I was feeling a little blue - but TBH I was pretty close to rock bottom. Some days it was all I could do to get out of bed in the morning. Asides from caring for my kiddos, I lost interest in everything else. Somehow I managed to make myself keep on blogging. I  knew how hard I've worked on this little space o'mine, and I didn't want to see it disappear.

I really thought at the worst that I could take no-more. And I was ashamed. Ashamed because people were so kind last year, when I was totally lost and in need of a helping hand, people stepped out to help. And I felt bad, that less than a year on, I was back where I started. So, I kept to myself, and tried not to talk about it. Tried to pretend that everything was ok. But that never helps.
I admitted defeat and went back on my meds. I think it is stronger to accept that you need help, than to pretend that you don't. And thankfully now, the darkness has lifted. I can see clearly once again, and I feel like I am 'me' again. To all of you who have stuck around (all summer - not just through this ramble ;p ) THANKYOU. 

The down time has given me time to think, and I realised that I was putting to much pressure on myself. I was trying to compete, trying to be someone other than me. Trying to do everything, trying to do what  It though I should do, NOT what  I want to do. I'm in the process of changing my priorities. Only doing the things that I love. Following my own path.

I'm not sure if that made much sense, it was free-written, honest and from the heart. And un-edited. I guess I wanted to come clean, explain why I've been awol the last couple of months and say that full service will now be resumed ;p


Bits + Pieces

this weekend:

1. crafting
2. cheesecake 
3. concentrating!
4. helping mama make pizza dough
5. swinging
6. blackberries 
7. painting time for mama
8. collecting leaves
9. evening trampoling
10. more crafting. 
11. new rollerskates
12. gifted retro book