what i wore: signs of spring

nothing beat the sight of new  blossom on the trees... telling you spring is really on the way! i picked this top up super cheap the other day, and love the blossom print on it :) it's a messy hair day again too! we've had a fun but busy day so far.... the kiddos have done their home school work and are now playing some made up game together. we've baked - flapjacks, peanut butter cookies and chocolate crispie cakes. i've also been working on a blog design for a super bloggy friend.

now i'm off to take lola to her book club and then brownies, and this evening the mr and i plan on curling up together and watching super 8 :)


p.s - have you entered to win an origninal painting yet??

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  1. You look adorable in these photos! This is definitely an essential outfit for spring - I love the florals :)

  2. love your hair color it compliments you eyes so well :)


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