rainy days

it's finally saturday! this weeks been hectic and i'm exhausted. lola had a history group this morning, and is now getting ready to go off for a sleepover. i've plans of a long hot bath tonight and maybe some yoga. tomorrow kiki is away all day on a rainbows trip, and the mr is at work. it'll just be baya and i - i think a trip to starbucks is called for - coffee for mama and a giant chocolate coin for baya ;) perhaps some baking when we get back. i've a tonne of things that need doing but they can wait till monday - i need a little time off this weekend.

i managed to fit in a late night crafting session last night - i love sitting down and not knowing what i'm going to create until it is finished. i was pretty pleased with what i created. i've just posted out the last of last weeks orders and listed my new pieces in the shop. as it's my birthday month you can save 31% off everything with coupon code 'birthdaybash' - please spread the word and help me celebrate my birthday with some great sales!

click to go shop!

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  1. Aw, these are really cute! I actually just got my necklaces and owlies in the mail today. Thank so much, they are adorable! Will share pictures on my blog soon too;)

  2. Cute!! I get my best work done at night too....Ha!


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