tutorial: pillowcase to dress

sorting through some of my fabric stash yesterday, kiki spied a pillowcase which she wanted. so i figured we could turn it into something to wear {since we have a shelf full of pillowcases to use actually on pillows already!} in less than half an hour she had a new dress {though now i have to make two more............}

step one. start by cutting open the closed end of your pillowcase {if you want to shorten the 
pillowcase for a younger child, just cut a thicker strip off!}
 step two. unpick the two side seams, at the end you've just cut open by around 3 inches.
 step three. sew a hem along the seams you've just unpicked 
{note, you can use a thread that blends in - kiki insisted on purple!}
 step four. fold over and pin a hem on the two sides at the end you cut off. make sure they are
 the same width, and wide enough for your ribbon to go through
step five. sew the two hems you've just pinned!
 step six. thread your ribbon through the hems, start at one side, thread through that hem, then 
back through the other side, tie a loose bow at the end so they don't pull out
 step seven. add some trimming or ricrac across the bottom of the dress.
step eight. find a child and make them model your creation ;)

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  1. this is so cute. you're so talented. so following you now.

    stopping by from the vintage wanna bee.
    hope you'll check out my blog. mybagofsunshine.blogspot

  2. This is so sweet! I love the way your girls always participate (e.g. choosing fabric/thread) in your sewn creations! They are lucky girls to be growing up with a creative mum like you.

  3. I love making these too!


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