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yup - we bbq'd today!!! can you tell we're british?! it was sunny here, warm but not hot so we grabbed the opportunity! the weather here seems to be awful 80% off the time so we gotta enjoy every last bit of sunshine! also, we made a quick visit to my favourite charity shop today, and picked up a few bargains - including a cute owl teapot!! i was so happy to spy him - it's not often i find something as good as that!

you might remember last month i got tagged in the 11 things meme that's going around - well i got tagged again by the lovely kasey. i figured it'd be fun to answer here questions too - if you want to read the random facts about me you can see them here.

  1. When is your birthday? march 29th {so ya better by my pressie quick ;p}
  2. What is your favourite colour? right now, mustard or teal
  3. Where do you go/what do you do when you are overwhelmed and need to clear your head? I sneak off down to our woods, where it's peaceful and i can enjoy the fresh air.
  4. Who would you call if you needed help burying a body? [oh yeah I just asked who your shovel buddy is.] my mr!
  5. What is your favourite movie and why do you like it so much? wizard of oz - it taught me that everything i need is already inside me.
  6. If you had 15  minutes to go back in time and give the high school freshman version  of yourself a piece of advice - what would it be? don't judge yourself so harshly, you are as good as everyone else, and you do matter.
  7. What is your favourite article of clothing in your closet or dresser? any one of my old band t-shirts
  8. Your plans for the day have been cancelled [don't worry you weren't looking forward to it]. What are you going to do with the 8 hours you have just freed up? cripes! I wish!!! um.... sleep?? or just read all day! 8 hours to myself hasn't happened in almost 9 years!
  9. Of all the DIY projects and crafty goodness you've created what is your current favourite? the heart sweater i made last weekend
  10. You won a contest and were just given $1000...what do you do with it? take my family on a holiday somewhere hot and sunny
  11. You're super well connected fairy godmother is paying you a visit and asks if there is anyone you are eager to meet. She loves connecting people so you need to come up with someone, fast, so as not to offend her. Who do you ask to meet and why? jean harlow {i'm presuming she can take me to dead people too!}- i'm a huge fan of hers and i would love to have met her
thanks kasey - they were super fun questions!!

one last thing - i was so thrilled with all your feedback on which glasses i should choose! i'm going to bite the bullet and make an appointment with my optician - looking forward to getting some new frames to rock ;) the folks from glassesusa.com contacted me with a special code to embed their virtual mirror here so you all could play dress up too!

p.s the winner of last weeks littlebird giveaway is Amanda from Elf House Delights - please email me to claim your prize!! and don't forget to enter to win a custom banner here!

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  1. LOL that photo really freaked me initially, at first glance it really looks like your fella has no head!

    Glad you enjoyed your bbq - I'm sulking the weather here in East Kent is awful.

  2. Sending wishes your way that you can take your family on that free holiday and relax!


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