just do nothing.....

yeserday i did nothing. well.... not quite nothing. my bigger two girls were out, so it was just baya and i. we baked cakes, we played games, made puzzles, watched cinderella and just generally had fun. i don't think we've ever had that much time jsut the two of us. the computer was off, i ignored my iphone for most of the day, i didn't look at my to-do list. instead i did a couple of quick diy's that i hadn't planned - i made a doily garland for my kitchen and added a cute heart to an old sweater!

we get so caught up in the crazy hectic lifes that we lead, that we dont' give ourselves time to do 'nothing'. yesterday was one of the best days. my batteries feel fully recharged, my creativity is thriving for the down time and i'm ready to attack my to-do list this week!

i think i'll be scheduling in more 'do nothing' days from now on!

when was the last time you did nothing?

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  1. What a cute print, i need this on display somewhere!

  2. Love this. I'm curious to see your doily garland as I've been shopping around for doilies to make exactly that for my kitchen window as well. Glad you enjoyed your down time!



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