hapus Tyddewi dydd

 {in case you're wondering - that means Happy St David's Day in Welsh!!}

 happy march 1st!! i'm excited for march - not only will spring arrive but baya and i both have birthdays {on the 23rd and 29th} and it's mothers day here in the uk - i have a feeling it's going to be a good month ;)

it was kind of our sunday here - my mr has been off work yesterday and today. seeing as we had lovely sunshine, we spent the day in the garden, sorting out the sheds {they were full of junk & everything was piled in them} and building a new house & run for lola's guinea pig. we even ate lunch outside! such a fantastic day - so happy to see all the blossom on our trees again! i'm so ready for some better weather - sunshine does wonders for my mood. we cooked curry for dinner, took a stroll around the block and fed the ducks.

i've a tonne of fun plans for this month, including writing my '31 before 32' list! i've crossed off most things on last years list - i'm open to suggestions for fun things to add to this years list! my kiddos have just gone to bed, the mr has gone off to play some music, i'm just finishing off a few orders to ship tomorrow. then i plan on a little yoga before i hit the sack. we have a home ed group in the morning, and i need to be up on early{ish} to get there and open up!

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  1. Happy March! Sounds like you've got an exciting month ahead! :)


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