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I'm excited to introduce you to the beautiful Ashlie, a mixed media artist from Painting Bliss today. I adore Ashlie's artwork - it is stunningly beautiful.

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi! My name is Ashlie Blake, and I am a self-taught mixed media artist living in upstate New York. Working with paper, acrylic, and other various materials I create whimsical and dreamy pieces of art that often feature animals, landscapes, and girls. Loving interesting quotes, words or even song lyrics, I can't help but incorporate them into my work. I believe images paired with words increases the emotional response of the viewer as it does for me!

I have always been an artist, however my focus switched to mixed media art only two years ago. Up until then I believed a painting had to be a painting, a watercolor had to be a watercolor, and so on and so forth. I never felt comfortable with just one medium until I said, "Well, why can't I put them all together?"... and so I did! Thence becoming what I am today. From then it has been a journey of self-discovery, and I have enjoyed the ride!

Working in mixed media has allowed my imagination to reach new heights, and granted these hands the ability to produce a more mature form of art.

I share my art, thoughts, and life-observations daily on my blog aptly titled Paintingbliss. There I allow myself to be ME. Any given day, whether I choose to make you laugh, smile, or look at life a little differently...I am looking to inspire. It warms my heart to share my work and to have others enjoy it. I understand that sharing my work increases my ability to be a successful working artist, and it brings me joy and everyday motivation.
Find me on my Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or just contact me by email.

How long have you been creating for?
I have been creating my whole life but my focus and niche has evolved over the past 3 years. It's very exciting to grow and mature artistically.

What are your inspirations?
Oh my there are so many things that inspire me! any given day it can be any given thing... but things that really get me often are my family, nature, my garden, and animals. The rural are I live in Upstate NY is a constant supplier of inspiration. The changing seasons are so lovely and I feel blessed to experience them year after year. 

Take us through your creative process in your artwork. Do you begin with a specific goal in mind?
Sometimes I do, but often times I don't. It all depends on if the idea came to me or if I sat down with a blank piece of paper and just "went with it". It is common for me to "dream" or "wake up" with an idea... sometimes I will see something in nature or in my daily travels that inspires a piece. I love the spontaneity of how my mind works. I never know when an idea will come... but when it does it's great and I love bringing it to life. 

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Well... let's dream a little, cause dreaming is so very important. Dreams don't have to be the stuff of make believe, not if you want them to be reality... and I do :) In 5 years I would like to be a Somerset Studio Magazine "regular", always have art somewhere in public view whether it be gallery or local restaurant/cafe, and spend full days in my studio while the children are in school. 

What advice do you have for any aspiring artists?
My advice would be to live your life NOW... don't wait on the somedays or one days. Art is a soul thing and one must nurture it. Be patient, success doesn't come all at one... but also understand it doesn't come without personal drive and hard work. You can't wait for the big break to find you... you have to make it a reality all on your own. Have heart, nurture yourself, and never give up.

What is your favourite piece you have created?
Ha ha! this is easy... every new picture/item I create is my favorite... until the next piece, then that is my new favorite... and so forth! At the moment I am enjoying working on wooden birds and turning wooden eggs into owls.

Giveaway time!!! Wanna win this:

ashlie is kindly offering up this original artwork to one lucky winner! entitled 'I pledge' and measures 5x5. mixed media on bristol board, created with acrylic, ink, papers, chalk, stamps, pencil, micron pen, and white gel pen. signed by ashlie and titled on the back! enter below

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  1. I love the birds pushing the pram and the tea cups on the girls head, lovely! X

  2. The girls walking on beach print is amazing. I love it. Thank you for these words of wisdom: have heart, nurture yourself, and never give up. Love that. Thanks for the give-away, ladies!


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