what i wore: embracing messy hair

do you have those days when you can't be bothered to wash and style your hair? i know i do - and those days i just throw my hair up in a messy topknot and add a cute headband - it hides a multitude of sins! i was lucky enough to win a giveaway last month on tales of a tumbleweed - and one of my prizes was this gorgeous crocheted headband from susannah bean. the colour matches my hair perfectly and i just love the love heart!

i took these photos yesterday morning when i went down the woods to feed our rabbits and guinea pig. it looks beautiful but it was fuh-ree-zing! not only did the headband hide my roots it kept my ears warm ;)

{apologies for all the shut eye photos - the ones where i had my eyes open  looked terrible}
top - thrifted
vest - new look
cardigan - new look
leggings - primark
legwarmers - h&m
boots - thrifted
necklace - this enchanted pixie
headband - c/o susannah bean

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  1. That does match your hair perfectly! I love it<3

  2. Cute! It looks cosy too! :) My hair looks awful today but I can't motivate myself to go fix it. I have long chunky socks in the colour of your legwarmers, the're great! x

  3. I'm obsessed with how well this matches your hair! It's too cute.

  4. i am totally loving those legwarmers!!

  5. Your outfit is so cute & I love that headband. Oh and let me just say I love your hair color!!

  6. Love it!!!! so cute!

  7. Totally loving those leg warmers!

  8. you are ADORABLE! Love this outfit!

  9. I almost never style my hair. :) I need one of those adorable knit headbands. I love how it matches your hair. Red is my most favorite hair color. I had bright red hair once upon a time. I had the hardest time maintaining it though. *pours out liquor for vibrant hair* The leg warmers are super cute, too.

    1. maintaining it is the hardest - thankfully this shade doesn't fade too badly, i just wish my roots wouldn't keep needing re-doing!


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