monday, monday

monday morning never seems so bad when the sun is shining {and you've had a great sunny weekend!} - plus knowing it's my birthday this week kinda helps ;p

seriously - the weather here was fantastic this weekend. saturday i did some spring cleaning {as well as a crazy amount of laundry} the doors and windows were all wide open - so nice to have some fresh air round the house. we had a bbq dinner also, after kiki's little friend had gone home. days spent outside are just so perfect - i wish we had this weather all year round.

sunday, the girls had friends to play again, so i managed to get caught up on some work and emails, and then enjoy some more sunshine! i've got a busy week ahead - but lots of fun stuff in there too!! don't forget you can take 31% off everything in my shop, use coupon birthdaybash OR if you spend $20 or more on rings, necklaces or earrings - you'll get 50% off!! {no coupon needed for that one - checkout will automatically deduct the savings}

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also - you might have noticed i added a new link in to my nav bar - i'm now open for blog design work too :) there's a link there to some i have already done if you want to take a peek.

i'll be back later on with a giveaway :)

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  1. Oh Monday, why do you always come so fast? Ha!

  2. in dutch, monday is maandag...
    And maan means moon ;)


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