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i've been lucky enough to get a morning to myself. my wonderful mr took the kiddos to the park and to run a few errands this morning. the sun was shining, and i had a fabulous time painting, crafting, listening to some music, drinking coffee and relishing the time off!

time alone is so good for the soul. i spend 24/7 with three kiddos, and i love them with all my heart, but some times a mama needs a little space. a little time to just be. to paint. and sing. and enjoy life. 

that last picture is what the mr brought me home - i've gotten him well trained to bring me 'junk' home! now to figure out what to do with it {and the smaller one i already have!}

we've a few jobs to do this afternoon, then the girls and i are watching 'arrietty' this evening. hope you are all having a wonderful saturday too!
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  1. some 'mama me time' is definitely needed from time to time. I'm planning some of that this next week with a girlfriend... and looking forward to it!


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