home tour: bathroom

i'm full of cold right now, my chest is feeling tight this morning, and i'm praying it's not going to turn into a chest infection. i'm barely ever sick, but in the past few years the few times i have been ill it's started as a cold and then turned into a chest infection :) i'm trying to take it easy, and give my body lots of rest {but i'm not too good at not doing much!}

i've been busy working on another blog design this week, and getting ready for miss baya's third birthday on friday - where have the past three years gone?!

i thought i'd share a few more peeks into my home today - this time our bathroom. it's pretty tiny, but since i painted it a cheerful yellow last year it's a nice space! i love the mirror by the bath - i love laying in a hot bath with the window wide open :) plus we have a pub next door who often have live bands - many a night i've laid in the bath, window open listening to the music!! bliss.


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  1. What a beautiful, inspirational room! I'm sure it's very cozy! :)

  2. Very very pretty. I love the scarf over the window. My mom always decorated windows with vintage shawls. I didn't remember that until I saw this post :)

  3. Oooh, your bathroom looks so cozy! And I'm sorry to hear you're feeling sick, I hope you feel better! :)

  4. That bathroom is so serene. A place to relax. I had that Desiderata in my job in my office when I used to work. It was great to read on stressful days.

  5. oooh I was just thinking about painting my bathroom yellow, as it's very dark, I think that your bathroom has inspired me to do something about mine(it's looking very dark and boring at the moment) :) Hope that you are feeling better soon xx

  6. Saying “HI” from the Blog Hop! I’m already a follower and LOVE your blog. ^_^


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