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Hey! I am Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks and I am thrilled to be guest posting here today! I wanted you guys to get to know me, so I am giving you a sneak peak into my life. What better way to learn about someone than to look in their fridge or their purse! Since my refrigerator wasn’t among the cleanest things in my life, I am giving you a glimpse into my purse! You may or may NOT learn this from my purse so let me just go ahead and tell you that I am a wife, momma to two toddler boys, DIY addict, shop in the clearance section for everything, easy going kinda’ gal.

I (like most ladies) have MULTIPLE purses, but I am using one of the following two purses 95% of the time. If I am going on an all day trip or somewhere with the kids I take my all-time-favorite Converse purse. It is large and in charge. It can hold a lot of things like sippy cups, hot wheels, and snacks.


When I am going to work or taking a quick trip to the grocery store I use my Coach purse.
 Don’t worry – I bought it at the outlet on clearance (and even that was a splurge!).


Now onto what is actually inside these babies! Note: I did not feel it was necessary to show you the
billions of receipts that often crowd the true contents of my purses. I figured you would appreciate
that… just know… they are there!


Now let’s analyze this a little bit. At first glance there isn’t anything TOO funny here. Nothing out of
the ordinary besides for maybe my little pair of scissors. I try to keep this little pair of scissors with me
when I go out to the grocery store. Back to my clearance shopping ways – a girl has to have scissors
if she is going to cut coupons! No I am not a die hard coupon cutting queen, but I do cut one on
occasion if it is for something that is already on my list.

Speaking of lists… I have lists everywhere. Half of the time I have lists about lists and then they get lost because I have too many lists! I spy a grocery list on kraft paper in the mix! I am also a pen hoarder. I
admit – I am one of THOSE people – you know what I am talking about. The one who walks off with
your pen and doesn’t bring it back.


Then there is the month old chocolate from Olive Garden. You never know when you might need a
little chocolate in your life. To be quite honest though – I wouldn’t eat this thing! It probably has purse
lint and who knows what else on it. It was one of those things that didn’t make its way out of my purse
and into the trash.

My business card – for my shop and blog. I would lie if I said I gave these out. I am just too modest.
This one just sits in my purse to make me feel cool. I also try to always keep a file in my purse because nothing is more annoying than a jagged nail that catches on everything. I don’t have nice nails be any
means, and in fact I have very short unpainted plain nails, but I work in hospitality and am often
explaining maps to people and pointing things out (literally).


There is the gold ole’ Ipod for when I have a few minutes to fit in a song and my favorite lipstick from
Avon. That is me people – I am a list making, coupon cutting, old chocolate hoarding, nail filing, pen
stealing kinda’ gal! I hope you will come visit me at Poofy Cheeks when you get a chance. Thank you
to Polly for having me over!

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  1. Thanks girl! I am so behind on sharing because life has just been so hectic this week (month actually!), but I will spread the word tomorrow! :)


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