let the unexpected happen

life has a funny ol' way of working out. when you give up worrying about everything, when you live in the moment, do the things you love, and just be, things happen just the way they should. let go of all you think you want/need and what you really need will come into your life. 

its 6pm now, and this is the first time i've sat down since 10am :0 no wonder i'm so tired! i spent the better part of the day cleaning and tidying this house. the last couple of weeks have been hectic - and that means that my house was begining to resemble a bombsite. thankfully now it's pretty much under control, tidy house tidy mind ;) plus i got coerced into rearranging kiki and baya's bedroom. i will admit it looks better for a move around, there's a bit more floor space to play and i managed to clear out some junk at hte same time!

i'm planning on a relaxing evening on the sofa {after the kiddos are in bed and i've worked out that is}

i've been working on a couple of blog designs for some lovely ladies this week. first up was kelly from bird in a tree creations. we reworked her existing header and created a pretty blog design around it. 

and then this morning i finished and installed a brand new look {and name} for Nora @ Better Together

also - today i have a guest post over on Living Apockylypse with a fun diy for a pretty ribbon garland and the super lovely Kate at Wake Up, Lovely has an interview with me today and you could win $20 credit to my shop!

hope you're all having a fun saturday!

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  1. Oh, I agree with that first paragraph with my whole heart!!

  2. Thank for linking up to the meet & tweet! I'm your newest Twitter & GFC follower.


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