what mama wore // ginger >>>>

\\ outfit details //
cardigan - falmer
dress - joe browns
leggings - primark
socks - primark
boots - ???

i took advantage of today's sunny skies to shoot a few pictures... don't be fooled though - it was super windy and cold outside ha! still... better than yesterday's rain. I bleached my hair yesterday. The colour remover got all the black out last time, this lot of bleach has taken it down to a kinda ginger/red/brown colour. i'm quite liking it! i'm working my way down {slowly} to blonde. trying to be patient and enjoy the colours i get in the process!

today's a pretty chilled day. we've been to the play park and done the grocery shopping. lunch is next, then the kiddos have some birthday cards to make. i've been working on my eCourse all week - more details will follow soon ;)

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  1. I absolutely love that colour on you! Gorgeous!

    Yaya x

  2. PERFECT color on you. You look like a rock star!!! :D Gorgeous outfit!!! I love that coat!

  3. I love the hair colour!
    I remember those stages, going from dyed black to blonde... sometimes painful, sometimes amazing but so worth it!

  4. That hair colour is fantastic on you! So pretty! Whenever I bleach my hair it just ends up yellow :( That cardigan is lovely xo


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