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i'd love a hideaway like that in my garden! and those pans and that quilt?? NEED! i'm wishing we had space for a bigger veggie patch than we do.

it's friday folks! and it's sunny here! i'm a leetle tired... had a movie/art date with my eldest last night. we watched prince caspian, which is pretty long! we had a great evening though, i love date nights with my girls.

today's for sending out orders, running a few errands, getting out in the garden, i have some veg that's needing to be planted, and making preps for baby chicks! we're getting some next week - so excited ha!

and then.... an early night!

what do you have planned today?

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  1. I love reading your blog, you so easily express another side of blogging...one that's more in touch with the world outside, the world around us and how we interact with not only each other but our families, nature, and the very essence of the earth. Keep up the good work! Willow


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