earth medicine >>>>

the past couple of days have been blissful.

the sun has shone.

the sky was blue.

we spent most of our time outside, tending to our garden.

after a long winter spent inside, it felt so good to get out.

to dig some vegetable beds over, plant this years onions & garlic.

begin the preparations for laying a lawn.

fingers deep in the earth, i felt so connected, so grounded, so thankful for this life.

nature truly is my religion.

it was just what my soul needed. i'm full and grounded again. ready to tackle the final parts of my new website. i'm hoping to launch either tomorrow or monday... fingers crossed there won't be any glitches and this domain should redirect you straight across. my rss feed should update itself, but if you don't already you can find me on facebook and twitter - follow me there for any updates incase you find this space down for any reason.

it's a little sad to leave this old blog behind... rest assured all content will move with me, and i'm so excited for this new step on my path 


  1. Ooh - so excited about your new space! and happy you got to connect to earth (I'm sorely missing her!) xo

  2. With you on that one Polly, the earth and all of nature truley is so grounding and nourishing. I'm hoping to get out and do planting next weekend after the flu has left me. I so wanted to today as the sun stretched over our part of the country finally but was content to hang washing out for the first time this year and leave the backdoor open! Much love and light X


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