fasting >>>>

good morning loves! i hope that you all had a fantastic weekend. ours was fairly low key. our imbolc celebrations on saturday night turned out to be fantastic, a couple of friends and their baby came, we sat around the fire until 11pm, i carried out my rituals, and we all had a perfect relaxing, fun evening.

sunday we took a stroll to the park, the kiddos burnt off some energy, papa and i soaked up a little sun and enjoyed a coffee. we came home, ate leftover indian takeaway and watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs. a lovely, lazy sunday 

today marks the beginning of my ten day fast. i'm undertaking this as part of my apothecary circle, it's been many years since i've fasted. i'm sticking to juices, smoothies and broth for the next ten days. i don't expect it to be easy, especially as i still have four people to feed during that time! still, i hope to get a lot out of this experience. the time feels right for this.

also, i'm blessed to be a part of the daughters of the earth - holistic offering. {seriously, laura em is one of my favourite people in the world} something that has been in the back of my mind for so many years is to write a ebook/ecourse. i've overcome battles with depression, self-hatred and eating disorders to get to this blessed place in my life. throughout it all, i always vowed that one day i would help others who are going through what i went through. this group gave me the push that i needed. yesterday i spent a little while mapping out an ecourse. i have a rough outline of the entire content, and have started work on putting it all together. i am so excited to finally be starting on this project! right now, i'm feeling so truly blessed, so grateful for all the opportunities that are coming my way and so excited to see this year unfold.

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  1. good luck with the fasting....I have been casually toying with the concept since midwinter, I'm on a liquid only fast - fresh juice, herbal tea and fresh soup. It is strange how I am not missing the myriad cakes and pastries, even when I bake them for others. I'm not sure why I started this or what I hoped to gain but I feel much more lively for not being full of pastries and rich baking, I think my memory has improved too. What is your motivation within your apothecary circle? Big love X

  2. Good luck sweetie, sending big hugs xx


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