be who you want

I think there are times that we all envy others. We look, as an outsider, at their life and feel jealous that we are not them. We think that if only we were prettier, smarter, funnier, richer, happier, then everything would be ok. We spend our lifes trying to be who other people want us to be, or at least who we think they want us to be. Seeking our parents approval, our partners, our friends, societies... we do what we think we should. We forget to listen to our own hearts, to seek out who we are and what we want to be.

Not accepting ourselves is harmful and wasteful. Ignoring who we are to focus on what we could be. 

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
Kurt Cobain
Take some time out, go outside, run around barefoot in the grass. Lie down and watch the clouds float by. Clear your mind and let the real you break free. Remind yourself of you, of the things you love, of the wants you have, of the life you dream of.

And then be you. 100% you... not a watered down version. Forget about treading on someone's toes. Forget about upsetting someone for not following their dream for your life. 

Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Stop telling yourself " If only I were thinner" "If only I were smarter"...  Make a list of all the great things about yourself, all the skills you have, all the achievements you've made. If you're stuck rope in a good friend. Pin it up somewhere you can see it every single day.

Trust yourself... believe that your thoughts and beliefs are valid ~ and hold on to them. Don't change them to make someone else happy.

Don't try and be someone you are not... if you hate group situations, then that's ok. If you prefer staying in to going ok, that's fine. It is ok to be true to yourself, to please nobody buy you, to live the life you choose even if it is different to the 'norm'.

Above all else, remember:


  1. Love this post Polly! Thanks for this, just the uplift we all need every now and again. I hope you've added: Talented, crafty, beautiful,stylish, great mama, kind, thoughtful, artistic, creative and inspiring to your list of positives about yourself. :) much love xx

  2. what a beautiful post Polly! Thank you for the reminder - I think this is something everyone struggles with from time to time!

  3. I will re-read this whenever I'm feeling down on myself. Thank you dear sweet gorgeous gentle soul xxx

  4. Great post and it made me feel so good inside thank you for that..............


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