let's talk iPhones!!!

I've finally got an iPhone and I'm kind of a little bit in love with it!!! One of the best things about them is the apps. I thought I'd share a few of my favourites so far with you

This is one I'd been dying to get for a long time. It's a neat little community and I love seeing everyone else's photographs. Super easy to use, upload your photo, choose a filter and upload it. If you're on find me @thisenchantedpixie - come say hello!


2) pixlr-o-matic
I love this app - you can add great retro effects to your photo's in a flash. I guess it's similar to hipstamatic but it's FREE!!! I've played with this one loads :)

3) Diptic
Diptic lets you take images from your photo library and combine them to make collages. I usually then process them in either instagram or pixlr-o-matic

4) Labelbox
It's another great way to play around with your photos and add text to them

5) Pocketbooth
I'm a sucker for old style photo booths and this app lets me have one in my pocket!!!

6) MobileRSS
fully featured Google reader - syncs with my online reader so I can catch up with blogs on the go!

7) social networking apps - facebook, twitter, foursquare, pinterest,

8) Kids stuff - I downloaded a few free apps for my kiddos, so far these are the favourites!
doodlebuddy - paint, draw, scribble app!
Hello Kitty - a free fun game
Magic Piano - pretend you're playing a real piano!

What are your favourite apps?? I'd love to hear any recommendations that you have!
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  1. cool! I'll be getting an iphone soon as well, so I'd also like to know what other people's fav apps are! :) I was just looking at which cover to buy for it! :) Enjoy your new phone!

  2. You found some that I haven't! Thanks for the recommendations. :)

  3. I love how many different apps there are!! but I do not own an iPhone and really don't want to get one. they're way too expensive and it's kinda boring because almost everyone has one anyways.. haha :)

  4. I'm an android user but if I had the iphone I'd eat up all those picture apps for sure!

  5. I cant wait to get my iphone lol gotta wait till my contract comes up for renew

  6. I had to wait forever for my contract to finish so I could get an iphone!!!

  7. I considered an android - but the photo apps were too good to miss out on!

  8. true! thankfully I had a super nice salesman who gave me a good deal ;)

  9. I'm waiting for my pretty cover to arrive :) and I'm loving the phone!

  10. Enjoy playing with your iphone.  They are amazing. Always taking photos, downloading music and use hootsuite and online food shopping apps. xx


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