Handmade Gift Ideas

I love to give {and receive} homemade gifts, the thought and time gone into one is worth so much more than money can buy. Knowing that someone has taken the time to make something especially for you is the greatest feeling. Here are a few of my favourite ideas from around the interweb...
Make a set of coasters, using 4-inch ceramic tiles, mod podge scrapbooking paper on the front and felt pads on the back.
Scour thrift shops for inexpensive tea cups and turn them into tea lights - fantastic for your mum or your girlfriends
Make a fabric notebook cover - perfect gift for someone who loves to write.

For that little girl - a no sew tutu!
Make silouette art to gift the grandparents

Give a gift in a jar. Layer the dry ingredients for brownies, cookies or cakes in a mason jar, attach a label with the instrcutions. 
Make decorative candles  Create your own calendar with photos of the kids to give to aunts, uncles, grandparents - Vistaprint offer reasonably priced ones. 
Create a ring using buttons from a vintage shirt.

Make paper beads and string bracelets and necklaces
Don't forget the pets - make some tasty dog treats
Make some doll clothes to make a little girl smile!

Make a mobile to hang in a bedroom - here are a few different ones:


  1. Cute post, these could also be great promotional gifts for a small business. 


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