Giving thanks for the small things

Alana In Love

+ a wonderful Mr who takes my kiddos out so I can have a couple of hours to myself
+said Mr who comes thrifting with me - even though he hates it!
+wonderful friends I've made on this interweb
+a quiet cup of coffee by myself early in the morning when everyone else is asleep,
& it's just me and the birds
+sweet letters from friends
+sweet kisses from my girls
+late night painting sessions

sometimes it's the small things that matter the most - what are you grateful for today??


  1. I love all these same exact things!  Great minds do think alike ...

  2. Many, many little things to be thankful for

  3. Love this post. Life is all about the simple things. 
    -and my mr. hates thrifting too, I drag him along and buy him a beer afterwards :) 
    Love it :) 

  4. you always just hit the nail on the head when it comes to what we should be focusing on in our life!
    I'm thankful for my wonderful Mister, kiddos, fur babies and my extended family!

  5. Oh this is so sweet! How great that you husband gives you some me-time! 

  6. My Mr might complain less if I bought him a beer after ;)

  7. Hi! Found you through Etsy, Well today i'm thankful for the free box of chocolates i got for filling in a survey is that bad? lol :)

  8. I saw your link on adelyn stone and recognized my art!   It's from my etsy shop, alanainlove.etsy.com.  :)

    Sweet post!

  9. i LOVE your art alana!!! so glad to have the source!!

  10. You're too sweet! Thanks so much!

  11. I found your blog from "Ladaisi", and I love it! 

    I also enjoy my morning cup of coffee, it seems to be one of the most peaceful times of the day! 

  12. I'm SO with you on the quiet cup of coffee by myself in the morning.  :)  Love love LOVE the sweet quiet moments before my grandkids wake up and it's time to start my day!!  Well, I love it when they wake up too.... but, without that quiet time.... I might not love it just as much.  :)  So glad I found you on the linky party!!!  Dawnee @ http://www.thisbeautyisee.com


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