a little love goes a long way

Cute plaque, little owl, sweet girls - thrifted finds
Painting session; Massage!!
Lola making cakes; Christmas lights; finished painting

Happy Saturday!! I got a bit of  a lie in this morning {9am... that classes as a lie in for me these days lol}, the sun is shining and I'm off for a massage later!!! We're having a lazy morning, the kiddos are watching a Moomins DVD, we might have a walk to the park in a bit and stop at a thrift shop on the way!

I spent a couple of hours last nigth listing some art in my Etsy Shop, originals and prints - including the one above! Remember there is 20% off this weekend with coupon THANKSGIVING :)

I have a few house-y jobs to do tomorrow, a little cleaning and some re-organiazing. And Miss Lola wants to get in some knitting practice with me too! I love passing skills along to the kiddos, I remember my mum and Grandma teaching me, and it makes my heart happy my girls want to learn too ♥♥♥♥

I hope you all have fun plans for your weekend!
I'll be back on Monday with a fantastic giveaway that you definetly don't wnat to miss!!

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