Saturday Round-up

Saturday! I love the weekend!! Last night a friend came round after the kiddos had gone to bed, we had cider and cheesecake and a three-hour long chat :) It was a perfect end to a great week. I don't have friends round often enough in the evening - definitely something I need to change!

Today we've had a walk to get some sweeties (Sweetie Saturday!!) and pick up a parcel at the post office. I've got some drawing I want to do this afternoon, some crafty ideas for blog posts to make and photograph, and I have the urge to bake some banana bread too!

I need to spend a few hours tomorrow sorting out some home ed stuff... we've had a bit of 'burnout' recently, so I'm trying to sort out some new ideas, a little more 'structure' a little bit of rhythm to our days. I'm planning a post on home schooling soon - if you have ANY questions at all you'd like answered leave me a comment below {anonymous if you like!] or drop me an email :)

All this week I'm offering 20% off my Etsy Shop with coupon THANKSGIVING - be sure to stop by and pick up a treat for yourself or an early Christmas present.

p.s I was soooo excited to see that the My Owl Barn’s Owl Lover 2012 Calendar is now available! You get to design a your own calendar with a ton of owl prints for FREE.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend

  2. Love the handwriting! And you're here : http://handmadenest.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-walking.html


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