Oh! For the Good Days!!

Thursday and Friday were two of those rare things.... GOOD DAYS!! We had a blast...seriously, days like that don't come as often as I'd like. The kiddos did their school work, we baked, we crafted, we read, we played games, we went on a walk. In between, they played nicely all together {!!} while I cooked and did the housework. I made new envelope pouches for my etsy shop... I painted a new owl painting... I photographed some new items for the shop.. I listed said items...

I've been such a happy mama.. days like these are so good for my soul, they make everything worthwhile, all the stresses and strains of being a full time homeschooling, blogging, etsy shop owning, mama. They make me so grateful to be this blessed. To live the life that I do. All the hardships don't seem quite so bad when my heart is so full of love.

yes.... that's Mr Bear dressed up in a hat and scarf!!!!
Mushrooms and 'ballerina flowers' we found in our garden

painting time
Lola sewing
I LOVE finding photos the kiddos have taken themselves on my camera 

a couple of new listings for my shop
Miss Lola with the Daffodil Baby she made :)


  1. Aw, that daffodil baby is so cute! Good job, Lola!!
    Happy weekend! xxx

  2. Hooray for happy, productive days! Those flowers are beautiful, by the way- I've never seen them before.

  3. Sounds like a fab day! Love the daffodil baby, such talent!!


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