Songs for a Sunday

Good morning!! Hope you're all having a great weekend :) the Mr's taken the kiddos out to the park for an hour this morning, so I'm enjoying a little time to myself! A friend emailed me a link to this music video yesterday and I ♥♥♥ it so much! It is so beautiful and moving, i've been listening to it {and some other of their songs} pretty much constantly!

also yesterday I managed to squeeze in a little crafty time... I need my daily dose of creativity to keep my soul happy! Here's a couple images of what I drew

Now I'm off to do a few crafty things while I have the house to myself :)


  1. Love your owl pics Polly! They would make wonderful paintings or murals on a childs bedroom wall!

  2. Yeah, those owls are great, as is that cross-hatching on the branch!

  3. youre owls are Awesome & thanks for turning me on to The Staves!


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