Friday Fun

TGIF!!! It's been a busy week, and I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I'm off for a full body massage - and I can't wait! I'm sure it will be pure bliss, it's been a very long time since I've had anything like this, and I'm really in need of it.

We've had a full week of 'school' work, crafting, shop updates.... and I'm worn out!

This morning the kiddos have been learning all about the oceans, here's a peek at the diorama they made

If you haven't stopped by the shop lately, please go take a look. I've added some new jewellery and fingers crossed this evening I shall be adding some art and some art prints too. You can still get 20% off with coupone THANKSGIVING too!

Also, I'm sending out a newsletter tomorrow with an exclusive offer - so if you're not signed up please do so HERE

Here's a few links for your Friday :)

+ The Freedom Experiment features articles on lifestyle, personal finance, inspiration, personal development, relationships and dreaming big.

+  ♥♥♥ Manda Jane's 5 Tips for being an awesome friend over at Elf House Chronicles

+ Stonesoup is a weekly blog about fresh, healthy, delicious food. Most of the recipes contain 5 ingredients and can be made in minutes.

+ Did you see my guest post on Tigerlilly Quinn about what I have learnt being a Mum??

What have you got planned for your weekend?


  1. Have just read your guest post over at Tigerlilly Quinn and thought it was brilliant, I am so glad that you have your husband and three beautiful girls.  Lots of love to you all xxx

  2. that's adorable, I love kid's projects

  3. Stonesoup looks great! Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

  4. ohhh yes!! full body massages are the BEST! i could sure go for one right now, enjoy!!


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