fireworks & fun

Bonfire night was a blast. Seriously without doubt one of the best nights I've had in a long time :) Miss Baya wasn't too fussed, she spent most of the time curled up in a chair cuddling a dog! But the bigger two had a great time playing with their friend (and eating lots of sweets). The boys all had fun playing {!} with the bonfire and setting off the fireworks - boys, eh?

I had a good catch up with a friend that I haven't seen enough of lately and enjoyed some yummy Midori Sours. Sunday was spent lazing around after a late night.

We woke up this morning to bright sunshine and a frost.. it was a bit chilly on the walk to our home ed group. We met up with friends at an adventure playground, we've just got back now, waiting for my grocery delivery before Kiki goes to Rainbows later!! I've got a few crafty things to do this afternoon if we have the chance!

What did you all get up to at the weekend??

p.s - the Dainty Hippo Giveaway is still running - be sure to go enter!

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