Little Knitted Bow Necklace


Little Knitted Bow Necklace

I've just listed these adorable necklaces today! I've been knitting away like a crazy lady the last couple of days, I've made a few extra for christmas pressies for my girls and a few friends!!

I've gotten a tonne of compliments on the one I've been wearing today - they would make a fantastic christmas gift for any lady - big or little ;)

They are six colours available right now - but if you want something different  I can always make a custom one :) and there's 20% off this week with coupon THANKSGIVING

If you could spare me a vote in the Top Blog 2011 on the Blog Guide Book, it would be much appreciated!


  1. I LOVE THESE!! The yellow, purple & black are SO pretty!
    I wish I could Etsy shop right now...! But if your ever up for another trade...?? ;)
    xo, Jamie

  2. Those are just so adorable! I love them, but I'm a sucker for anything knitted. :)

  3. Oh.My.Cuteness!
    ps totally voted!

  4. these are super cute! xoxo


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