new name.... same old blog ;)

Did you spot the name change???! It's something I've been thinking about for ages. I picked the name 'Pixie Mama' in a hurry when I first set up this blog almost 2 years ago {!} and tbh for the past 6 months or so I've started to really dislike it. It didnt' gell with how this blog turned out, and the more I thought about it the more I hated it. SO.... I decided to change the name to be the same as my shop- 'This Enchanted Pixie' - new name, same blog ;) What do you think???! Hope it's not too confusing :/

So far we've having a great Monday...the kiddos have done their 'school' work, and I've knitted whilst helping them. We've written letters to Santa, off to post them in a minute and do a couple of jobs in town, then home before Kiki has Rainbows later.

AND - we have a winner for the Dainty Hippo Giveaway -->

Congratulations Jenna Mefford!!!!

Please email me to claim your prize ;)


  1. aww love their little letter to Santa! Do they call him Shawn Corn over in North Wales? x

  2. Ah this is just gorgeous!  I love the layout.  The name is also very enchanting.  Beautiful.

  3. layout is gorgeous! love it!

  4. I know how it is when you dont go together with your blog name. I called mine for just my actual name for like forever, but finally felt I wanted to have a "real" blog name. So I changed and I like my blog so much more since. I've been thinking of starting an Etsy shop with the same name, One with the birds. Been thinking of that forever... hmm, we'll see. Blablabla, I can't stop writing. Hope you are well dear. Love K


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