stuck in a rut?? >>>>>

sometimes we get stuck. creatively. things just stop working. the ideas stop coming. we burn out. here are my six top tips for when i am stuck in a rut. what is your favourite way to get the creative juices flowing?

1. Get outside
If I'm feeling really stuck, the first thing I do is switch the computer off and get out of the house - either into the garden or even better for a nice long walk in the countryside. It never fails to get my creative juices flowing.

2. Try something new.

If you normally paint, then get out the writing pad, if you normally knit then try baking... switch it up and step outside of your comfort zone.

3. Always have a pen and paper on you.

I carry a notebook everywhere and make lists almost obsesivley! Jot down ideas as they come to you, sketch things that catch your eye while out and about, stick in that leaf whose colour you love....

4. Turn the music up and dance..

5.  Write 'morning pages'

6. Answer these questions:

ask yourself:
what did i do as a child?
what or who made me happy?
what did i fill my days with?
what did i really not like?
what are my favourite memories?
what things and activities did i love?

What are your favourite ways to get the creative juices running again?

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  1. I love the morning pages idea, I love streams of consciousness but rarely make the time. Having just been hit by a bolt of creative lightening I deffinitly want it to stick about so this post is so timely, thank you x

  2. I have to agree about turning up the music and dancing...letting loose always makes me feel more creative! I also really love reading fiction, because chances are, there's SOMETHING creative in the story that makes me want to draw something again. Also...wine has never hurt, either ;)

  3. I aaaalways carry a pen and paper :) Good tips

  4. Boy have I ground to a halt lately! I love the morning pages idea too. I tend to do it at night to get things off my mind and onto paper before I sleep but it makes sense to do it the morning too. xx


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