it's been another busy week for my tribe. miss kiki celebrated six turns around the sun, she was a lucky girlie and got a giant pile of gifts! her favourite was her very own blythe doll :)

we've been enjoying the sun when it makes an appearance, and getting the last things ready for homeschool to start on monday! we snuck in a fun evening around the fire with friends and guitars - my favourite kind of evening.

today is for housework and a little gardening... we finally have a date to get our chickens {we're getting ex-battery hens} - 6th October!!! we can't wait!

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  1. Yay you are reading the book too! Its so great, but intense I can only read so much a ta time lol

    1. it's pretty intense! i read it a few years back, just got my copy back so thought it must be time for a re-read :)

  2. I wonder if you have ever blogged about your decision to homeschool and how you found it. I'd be very interested to read it if you have :)

  3. These photos all look so dreamy! That little bed and canopy are pure magic. I am totally living in moccasins these days, too! Annnnd I have that book as well. ;) Congrats on your soon to be chickens!

  4. I love the vibe these photos give off! Looks like a nice relaxing time. The Danish call it hygglig.

  5. I loved looking at your Instagram pictures, and it looks like you are having a great end-of-summer month. Happy belated birthday to your little girl!

    And you're getting hens? That is so exciting!

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