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the kiddos came across a brochure the other day for canal boat holidays.... it reminded me of how much i always wanted to spend a week on one, sailing from place to place, seeing the sites and sleeping on the water. i grew up near a canal, and saw the narrowboats most days, it always seemed so cosy on board, i imagined it being a peaceful and relaxing way to spend a holiday {though with three kids on board too i'm not so sure!}

still, it got me thinking, the girls seemed keen on the idea of a narrow boat holiday so perhaps next summer that's what we'll do. have any of you ever been on one?
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  1. This sounds like a wonderfully fun idea - I'd love to try it too!

    I tagged you for the Leibster Award - 11 Things About You meme! No pressure either which way ;)


  2. We live on our narrowboat! It is a wonderful life! I blog about it too (see link in my signature)

    Live-aboard boater,
    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  3. it sounds like a wonderful idea! We live aboard, but our home is stationary... still, the views at different times of the day on the water are stellar and the soft rocking and lapping waves are so peaceful...go for it!

  4. I think it would be a blast, I have never stayed on one but id love too.

    Zoe xx


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