lavender oil diy >>>>>

i love lavender. it's one of my favourite herbs, and we're lucky enough to have lots growing in our garden. one of my favourite things to use the lavender for is to make my own lavender oil. perfect as a bath oil or for massage, it's easy to make and smells divine.

you'll need:

2-4 cups lavender flowers {fresh is best, but dried works well too}
glass jar with tight fitting lid
carrier oil {i use sweet almond oil}
muslin/cheescloth for straining
dark blue or amber bottle for storing the finished oil

first, fill your jar with the lavender flowers. you want it to be full, but not packed tight. then pour over the carrier oil so all the flowers are covered. put the lid on securely, and give it a little shake. you need to leave it for around 6 weeks, shaking it once or twice a week.

after 6 weeks, strain the oil through the muslin, squishing the flowers to press out all of the oil. pour your finished oil into the storage bottles, add a pretty label and enjoy :) this makes a perfect pressie too!

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  1. I just adore lavender-- great DIY & great present idea, thanks!


  2. Aw I am going to try this!! I love the idea of making my own rather than getting it at a generic store!!
    :) x

  3. You can do this with just about any herb - or combination. Imagine all those great smelling possibilities! (:
    I infuse oils this way for salves for my boys frequently. In fact, it's about time I started another batch of calendula oil (with additions this time, I think) for the winter.

  4. niice, will need to make some of this!

  5. Great tutorial, thank you! :)

  6. I love lavender, thanks for the tutorial!

    Now off to find some lavender!

  7. Love this--seems much simpler and newbie proof than some of the other distilling methods I'd seen online lately. I've been wanting to do this with some of our yard blooms. Made Rose & Lavender flower water this week! http://www.marycatherinehamelin.com/blog/2012/9/27/making-flower-water.html


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