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sweater is from fringe and feather - you can buy one here

yesterday was just what i/we needed. we dropped all responsibilities, packed up a picnic and went down to the river. we're lucky enough to live only a twenty minute walk from the countryside. i've mentioned many times on here that it's my happy place... the place i go to ground myself and to seek peace and solitude. we've all been adjusting to some changes these past couple weeks - the mr having gone back to college, the kiddos and i to a new routine now homeschool is back in after our summer break. a day with nature was exactly what we needed. we all came home feeling refreshed, and questions that had been floating around my mind found answers.

i added some pretty new river stones to my collection and we found a bird skull too! miss baya is in love with the horses {the grey one especially} so we stopped to spend a little time with them. today i have the urge to 'spring'{autumn?} clean my house... getting ready for the new season almost upon us.

one last thing - i'm excited to be a part of a brand new blog project started by elisabeth - the mama earth project - it just launched so please go and check it out.

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  1. thanks for sharing the mama earth project link, how inspiring and utterly beautiful. The river at the bottom of the meadows near us is our happy place too, me and the kids can run away there and even on the toughest day nature soothes. Hope the sun shines on your weekend. x

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like such a fun day! Love that sweatshirt, off to check it out! =]

  3. love that whole outfit so much!

  4. Beautiful pictures, and I love the look of the mama earth project. Awesome! :) xx

  5. I missed this!!!! Love it! That cabin is magical too!


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